Examples of load()

Examples of com.ardor3d.extension.model.obj.ObjImporter.load()

            importer.setTextureLocator(new SimpleResourceLocator(ResourceLocatorTool.getClassPathResource(
                    SimpleObjExample.class, "OBJ/")));
        } catch (final URISyntaxException ex) {
        final ObjGeometryStore storage = importer.load("OBJ/tree1.obj");


        final BlendState blendState = new BlendState();
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Examples of com.ardor3d.util.export.binary.BinaryImporter.load()

                String resource = closest.source + ".a3d";
                URL url = ResourceLocatorTool.getClassPathResource(BMFontProvider.class, resource);
                try {
                    if (url != null) {
                        final BinaryImporter binaryImporter = new BinaryImporter();
                        closest.bmFont = (BMFont) binaryImporter.load(url);
                    } else {
                        // Not found, load from .fnt
                        resource = closest.source + ".fnt";
                        url = ResourceLocatorTool.getClassPathResource(BMFontProvider.class, resource);
                        closest.bmFont = new BMFont(new URLResourceSource(url), false);
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Examples of com.arjuna.common.util.propertyservice.PropertyManager.load()

       * loaded, subsequent attempts to reload are ignored internally.
        propertyManager.load(XMLFilePlugin.class.getName(), propertiesFilename);
      catch (LoadPropertiesException ex)
        _logger.fatal("ModulePropertyManager failed to load property file "+propertiesFilename);
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Examples of com.arjuna.common.util.propertyservice.plugins.PropertyManagerIOPlugin.load()

      String classname = System.getProperty(Environment.OVERRIDING_PLUGIN_CLASSNAME);
      classname = classname == null ? pluginClassname : classname;

      PropertyManagerIOPlugin plugin = (PropertyManagerIOPlugin)Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().loadClass(classname).newInstance();

      plugin.load(uri, _topLevelPropertyManager, _verbose);
    catch (java.io.IOException e)
      throw e;
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Examples of com.asakusafw.compiler.flow.DataClassRepository.load()

        ShuffleKey keyInfo = desciption.getKeyInfo();

        Type inputType = input.getDescription().getDataType();

        DataClassRepository dataClasses = environment.getDataClasses();
        DataClass source = dataClasses.load(inputType);
        DataClass target = dataClasses.load(desciption.getOutputType());
        if (source == null) {
            error("データクラス{0}は定義されていません", inputType);
        if (target == null) {
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Examples of com.avaje.ebeaninternal.server.deploy.BeanProperty.load()

      // need to get a 'local' version of the property
      for (int i = 0, x = properties.length; i < x; i++) {
        // get a local version of the BeanProperty
        BeanProperty p = localDesc.getBeanProperty(properties[i].getName());
        if (p != null) {
        } else {
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Examples of com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.Texture.load()

  public Texture loadSync (AssetManager manager, String fileName, FileHandle file, TextureParameter parameter) {
    if (info == null)
      return null;
    Texture texture = info.texture;
    if (texture != null) {
    } else {
      texture = new Texture(info.data);
    if (parameter != null) {
      texture.setFilter(parameter.minFilter, parameter.magFilter);
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Examples of com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g2d.ParticleEffect.load()

  public ParticleEffect load (AssetManager am, String fileName, FileHandle file, ParticleEffectParameter param) {
    ParticleEffect effect = new ParticleEffect();
    if (param != null && param.atlasFile != null)
      effect.load(file, am.get(param.atlasFile, TextureAtlas.class), param.atlasPrefix);
    else if (param != null && param.imagesDir != null)
      effect.load(file, param.imagesDir);
      effect.load(file, file.parent());
    return effect;
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Examples of com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g3d.particles.ResourceData.SaveData.load()

  public void load (AssetManager manager, ResourceData data) {
    SaveData saveData = data.getSaveData();
    AssetDescriptor descriptor = saveData.loadAsset();
      Model model = (Model) manager.get(descriptor);
      setMesh(model.meshes.get((Integer)saveData.load("index")), model);

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Examples of com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.g3d.particles.values.SpawnShapeValue.load()

      local = cylinderSpawnShapeValue;
    if(spawnShapeValue instanceof UnweightedMeshSpawnShapeValue)
      local = meshSpawnShapeValue;
    else if(spawnShapeValue instanceof WeightMeshSpawnShapeValue)
      local = weightMeshSpawnShapeValue;
  protected void setSpawnShapeValue(SpawnShapeValue spawnShapeValue){
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