Examples of load()

Examples of org.elasticsearch.common.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.load()

    @Override public Map<String, String> load(String source) throws IOException {
        // replace tabs with whitespace (yaml does not accept tabs, but many users might use it still...)
        source = source.replace("\t", "  ");
        Yaml yaml = new Yaml();
        Map<Object, Object> yamlMap = (Map<Object, Object>) yaml.load(source);
        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
        Map<String, String> settings = newHashMap();
        if (yamlMap == null) {
            return settings;
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Examples of org.elasticsearch.index.fielddata.IndexNumericFieldData.load()

            // make sure there are terms to filter on
            if (terms == null || terms.isEmpty()) return null;

            IndexNumericFieldData numericFieldData = (IndexNumericFieldData) fieldData;
            if (!numericFieldData.getNumericType().isFloatingPoint()) {
                final SortedNumericDocValues values = numericFieldData.load(context).getLongValues(); // load fielddata
                return new DocValuesDocIdSet(context.reader().maxDoc(), acceptDocs) {
                    protected boolean matchDoc(int doc) {
                        final int numVals = values.count();
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Examples of org.elasticsearch.index.fielddata.IndexParentChildFieldData.load()

        final long maxOrd;
        List<LeafReaderContext> leaves = searcher.getIndexReader().leaves();
        if (globalIfd == null || leaves.isEmpty()) {
            return Queries.newMatchNoDocsQuery().createWeight(searcher);
        } else {
            AtomicParentChildFieldData afd = globalIfd.load(leaves.get(0));
            SortedDocValues globalValues = afd.getOrdinalsValues(parentType);
            maxOrd = globalValues.getValueCount();

        if (maxOrd == 0) {
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Examples of org.encog.bot.browse.LoadWebPage.load()

  public void testSimple() throws Throwable
    LoadWebPage load = new LoadWebPage(null);
    WebPage page = load.load("a<b>b</b>c");
    TextDataUnit textDU;
    TagDataUnit tagDU;
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Examples of org.encog.ml.data.buffer.BufferedMLDataSet.load()

   * @param f
   * @param data
  public static void saveEGB(File f, MLDataSet data) {
    BufferedMLDataSet binary = new BufferedMLDataSet(f);

  public static void explainErrorMSE(MLRegression method,
      MatrixMLDataSet training) {
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Examples of org.encog.ml.data.buffer.BufferedNeuralDataSet.load()

    // create the binary file

    BufferedNeuralDataSet training2 = new BufferedNeuralDataSet(file);

    final long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
    final long stop = start + (10 * Evaluate.MILIS);
    int record = 0;

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Examples of org.erlide.ui.prefs.plugin.CodeAssistPreferences.load()

        return string;

    public void setToPrefs() {
        final CodeAssistPreferences prefs = new CodeAssistPreferences();
        fCompletionProposalAutoActivationCharacters = prefs.getErlangTriggers()
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Examples of org.ethereum.core.Wallet.load()

  public void testLoad1() throws TransformerException,
      ParserConfigurationException, IOException, SAXException {
        Wallet wallet = new Wallet();

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Examples of org.exolab.castor.jdo.Database.load()

    marshaller = new Marshaller( writer );
    marshaller.setMapping( _mapping );

    marshaller.marshal( db.load( Product.class, new Integer( 4 ) ) );
    computerOql = db.getOQLQuery( "SELECT c FROM myapp.Computer c" );
    results = computerOql.execute();
    while( results.hasMore() )
      marshaller.marshal( results.next() );
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Examples of org.exolab.castor.persist.LockEngine.load()


            molder.setIdentity(this, objectInTx, identity);
            _tracker.trackObject(molder, oid, objectInTx);
            OID newoid = engine.load(this, oid, proposedObject,
                    suggestedAccessMode, _lockTimeout, results);
            if (proposedObject.isExpanded()) {
                // Remove old OID from ObjectTracker
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