Examples of load()

Examples of net.minecraftforge.common.config.Configuration.load()

        event.getModMetadata().version = Version.fullVersionString();
        Configuration cfg = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());
            CACHE_RENDER = cfg.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "cacheRenderingInformation", true).getBoolean(true);
            OCELOTS_SITONCHESTS = cfg.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "ocelotsSitOnChests", true).getBoolean(true);
        catch (Exception e)
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Examples of net.razorvine.pickle.Unpickler.load()

public class UnpicklerTest {
  public void testSomething() throws Exception {
    Unpickler u = new Unpickler();
    Object f = u.load(getClass().getResourceAsStream("/kwargs.bin"));
    int i = 0;
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Examples of net.sf.asap.ASAP.load()

    InputStream is = new FileInputStream(inputFilename);
    byte[] module = new byte[ASAP.MODULE_MAX];
    int module_len = is.read(module);
    ASAP asap = new ASAP();
    asap.load(inputFilename, module, module_len);
    ASAP_ModuleInfo module_info = asap.getModuleInfo();
    if (song < 0)
      song = module_info.default_song;
    if (duration < 0) {
      duration = module_info.durations[song];
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Examples of net.sf.ehcache.Cache.load()

    Cache cache = cacheManager.getCache(DEFAULT_CACHE);

    // Get the matching keys and load the elements into the cache
    Collection<Object> keys = getKeysForPrimaryTags(cache, tags);
    for (Object key : keys) {
    logger.info("Loaded first {} elements of cache '{}' into memory", keys.size(), id);

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Examples of net.sf.hibernate.Session.load()

        return domainContext;

    private Object getObject(int id, String type) throws Exception {
        Session session = getSession();
        return session.load(Class.forName(type), new Integer(id));

    private void render(Object object, DomainContext context, boolean inclusive) throws IOException, JspException {

        JspWriter out = pageContext.getOut();
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Examples of net.sf.jasperreports.repo.PersistenceService.load()


        final PersistenceUtil persistenceUtil = PersistenceUtil.getInstance(this.jasperReportsContext);
        PersistenceService persistenceService = persistenceUtil.getService(FileRepositoryService.class, resourceType);
        if (persistenceService != null) {
            return resourceType.cast(persistenceService.load(uri, this));
        return null;

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Examples of net.sf.joafip.store.service.objectio.manager.ClassNameManager.load()

    classInfoFactory.setConversionManager(new ConversionManager(
    final ClassNameManager classNameManager = new ClassNameManager(
        recordableManager, storeHeader, classInfoFactory,

    assertEquals("must be class #0", 0,
    assertTrue("store header must changed", storeHeader.isStateChanged());
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Examples of net.sf.jportlet.portlet.descriptor.ApplicationDescriptorLoaderXml.load()

        String                         path = "net/sf/jportlet/descriptor/test/portlet.xml";
        InputStream                    in = getClass(  ).getClassLoader(  ).getResourceAsStream( path );

        ApplicationDescriptorLoaderXml loader = new ApplicationDescriptorLoaderXml(  );
        ApplicationDescriptor          app = loader.load( in );

        assertNotNull( "app", app );
        assertEquals( "app.name", "Portlet Application", app.getName(  ) );
        assertEquals( "app.contextParameter[param1]", "value1", app.getContextParameter( "param1" ) );
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Examples of net.sf.microproperties.JarFileProperties.load()

  public static void configure(String fileName) {
    JarFileProperties jarFileProperties = new JarFileProperties();
    System.out.println("Trying to load properties from " + fileName);

    try {
      PropertyConfigurator configurator = new PropertyConfigurator();
    } catch (IOException e) {
      System.err.println("Failed to load properties file: " + fileName);
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Examples of net.sf.minuteProject.loader.implicitstructure.Implicitstructure.load()

    loadTarget(initholder.getConfiguration(), target)
  private void loadDefinition(String dir, String filename) throws Exception {
      Implicitstructure loader = new Implicitstructure(dir, filename);
      implicitstructureHolder = loader.load()
      String location = implicitstructureHolder.getBaseStructure().getLocation();
//      String separator = implicitstructureHolder.getBaseStructure().getSeparator();
      if (location!=""){
        file = new File(location);
        if (!file.exists())
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