Examples of execute()

Examples of com.mysql.cluster.ndbj.NdbTransaction.execute()


    // Move this txn into the active state and write blob data if any.
    if (!blobMap.isEmpty()) {
      ndbDATxn.execute(ExecType.NoCommit, AbortOption.AbortOnError, true);
      Set<Map.Entry<NdbBlob, byte[]>> blobEntrySet = blobMap.entrySet();
      for (Map.Entry blobEntry : blobEntrySet) {
        NdbBlob blob = (NdbBlob) blobEntry.getKey();
        byte[] blobBytes = (byte[]) blobEntry.getValue();
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Examples of com.mysql.clusterj.jdbc.SQLExecutor.Executor.execute()

                    synchronized(parsedSqlMap) {
                        parsedSqlMap.put(preparedSql, sQLExecutor);
            return sQLExecutor.execute(this, preparedStatement.getParameterBindings());
        return null;

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Examples of com.mysql.jdbc.Statement.execute()

                /* Even if execute is a synchronized method we want
                 * this mutex variable to sinchronize execute with other
                 * atomic code blocks (outside dbConnector).
        } catch (SQLException ex) {
                    ex.getMessage() + "\n\tcommand was " + command);
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Examples of com.mysql.management.util.QueryUtil.execute()

public class TestEmbeddedMySQL {

  public static void insertData(Connection conn) throws IOException {
    String query = "CREATE TABLE `test_table` (`idpublisher` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `idsite` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `country_iso` varchar(4) DEFAULT NULL, `idzone` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `hits` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `cpm_value` double DEFAULT NULL, `ddate` varchar(16) DEFAULT NULL) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1";
    QueryUtil util = new QueryUtil(conn);


    for(String insert : Files.readLines(new File("src/test/resources/test.mysql"),
        Charset.defaultCharset())) {
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Examples of com.netflix.astyanax.MutationBatch.execute()

        MutationBatch mutation = getKeyspace(keyspace).prepareMutationBatch();
        ColumnFamily<K, C> columnFamily = new ColumnFamily<K, C>(columnFamilyName,
                (Serializer<K>) serializerFor(tupleMapper.getKeyClass()),
                (Serializer<C>) serializerFor(tupleMapper.getColumnNameClass()));
        this.addTupleToMutation(input, columnFamily, rowKey, mutation, tupleMapper);

    public void writeTuple(TridentTuple input, TridentTupleMapper<K, C, V> tupleMapper) throws Exception {
        String columnFamilyName = tupleMapper.mapToColumnFamily(input);
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Examples of com.netflix.astyanax.cql.schema.CqlKeyspaceDefinitionImpl.execute()

    CqlKeyspaceDefinitionImpl ksDef = new CqlKeyspaceDefinitionImpl(session, options);
    if (ksDef.getName() == null) {
    OperationResult<SchemaChangeResult> result = ksDef.execute();
    for (ColumnFamily cf : cfs.keySet()) {
      CqlColumnFamilyDefinitionImpl cfDef = new CqlColumnFamilyDefinitionImpl(session, ksDef.getName(), cf, cfs.get(cf));
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Examples of com.netflix.astyanax.query.RowSliceQuery.execute()

                limit + 1);

        OperationResult<Rows<ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer>> r;
        try {
            r = (OperationResult<Rows<ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer>>) rq.execute();
        } catch (ConnectionException e) {
            throw new TemporaryStorageException(e);

        return convertResult(r.getResult(), query.getSliceEnd().asByteBuffer(), limit);
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Examples of com.netflix.niws.client.http.RestClient.execute()

        HttpClientResponse response;
        String rssData = null;

        try {
            HttpClientRequest request = HttpClientRequest.newBuilder().setUri(new URI(url)).build();
            response = client.execute(request);

            if (response != null) {
                rssData  = IOUtils.toString(response.getRawEntity(), Charsets.UTF_8);
                logger.info("Status code for " + response.getRequestedURI() + " : " + response.getStatus());
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Examples of com.netflix.priam.agent.tasks.AgentTask.execute()

        MockAgentConfiguration configuration = new MockAgentConfiguration("localhost");
        AgentProcessManager processManager = new AgentProcessManager(new AgentProcessMap(AgentProcessMap.buildDefaultMap()), configuration, nodeStatus);
            AgentTask agentTask = new AgentTask(configuration, processManager, nodeStatus, storage);

            String value = storage.getData().values().iterator().next();
            JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(value);
            JSONObject info = obj.getJSONObject("info");
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Examples of com.netflix.priam.agent.tasks.ProcessTask.execute()

        storage.setValue(configuration, ProcessTask.ROW_KEY, "localhost", commandTab.toString());

        MockNodeStatus nodeStatus = new MockNodeStatus();
        AgentProcessManager processManager = new AgentProcessManager(new AgentProcessMap(AgentProcessMap.buildDefaultMap()), configuration, nodeStatus);
        ProcessTask processTask = new ProcessTask(configuration, processManager, storage);

        Assert.assertTrue(nodeStatus.getFlushLatch().await(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS));

        for ( int i = 0; i < 5; ++i )
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