Examples of execute()

Examples of com.google.api.services.bigquery.Bigquery.Jobs.Insert.execute()

      Insert insert = bigquery.jobs().insert(exporterConfig.getBigqueryProjectId(), job);

      JobReference jr = insert.execute().getJobReference();
      log.warning("Uri: " + gsUrl + ", JobId: " + jr.getJobId());

  private String convertHandleToUrl(String gsHandleOfBackup, String kind) {
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Examples of com.google.api.services.drive.Drive.Files.Insert.execute()

          final InputStreamContent params = new InputStreamContent(FILE, new ByteArrayInputStream(data));
          Insert inserter = service.files().insert(driveItem, params);
          MediaHttpUploader uploader = inserter.getMediaHttpUploader();
          prepareUploader(uploader, data);
          driveItem = inserter.execute();
        if (driveItem == null) {
          throw new CloudsyncException("Could not create item '" + item.getPath() + "'");
        _addToCache(driveItem, null);
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Examples of com.google.api.services.drive.Drive.Files.Update.execute()

          final InputStreamContent params = new InputStreamContent(FILE, new ByteArrayInputStream(data));
          Update updater = service.files().update(item.getRemoteIdentifier(), driveItem, params);
          MediaHttpUploader uploader = updater.getMediaHttpUploader();
          prepareUploader(uploader, data);
          driveItem = updater.execute();
        if (driveItem == null) {
          throw new CloudsyncException("Could not update item '" + item.getPath() + "'");
        } else if (driveItem.getLabels().getTrashed()) {
          throw new CloudsyncException("Remote item '" + item.getPath() + "' [" + driveItem.getId() + "] is trashed\ntry to run with --nocache");
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Examples of com.google.api.services.youtube.YouTube.Thumbnails.Set.execute()


            // Upload the image and set it as the specified video's thumbnail.
            ThumbnailSetResponse setResponse = thumbnailSet.execute();

            // Print the URL for the updated video's thumbnail image.
            System.out.println("\n================== Uploaded Thumbnail ==================\n");
            System.out.println("  - Url: " + setResponse.getItems().get(0).getDefault().getUrl());
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Examples of com.google.api.translate.TranslateV2.execute()

        // Set the HTTP referrer to your website address.
      TranslateV2 translate = new TranslateV2();     

        String englishText = "Hello World";
        String spanishTranslatedText = translate.execute(englishText, Language.ENGLISH, Language.SPANISH);
        String frenchTranslatedText = translate.execute(englishText, Language.ENGLISH, Language.FRENCH);
        String germanTranslatedText = translate.execute(englishText, Language.ENGLISH, Language.GERMAN);

        System.out.println("ENLGISH : " + englishText);
        System.out.println("SPANISH : " + spanishTranslatedText);
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Examples of com.google.appengine.datanucleus.mapping.DependentDeleteRequest.execute()

    // first handle any dependent deletes that need deleting before we delete this object
    ClassLoaderResolver clr = ec.getClassLoaderResolver();
    DatastoreClass dc = datastoreMgr.getDatastoreClass(op.getObject().getClass().getName(), clr);
    DependentDeleteRequest req = new DependentDeleteRequest(dc, op.getClassMetaData(), clr);
    Set relatedObjectsToDelete = req.execute(op, entity);

    Key keyToDelete = EntityUtils.getPkAsKey(op);

    // If we're in the middle of a batch operation just register the key that needs the delete
    BatchDeleteManager bdm = getBatchDeleteManager(ec);
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Examples of com.google.appengine.tck.event.ExecutionLifecycleEvent.execute()

    @Deprecated // use assumeEnvironment instead
    protected Boolean executeRaw(String context) {
        ExecutionLifecycleEvent event = TestLifecycles.createExecutionLifecycleEvent(getClass(), context);
        return event.execute();

    protected boolean required(String propertyName) {
        Property result = property(propertyName);
        Boolean required = result.required();
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Examples of com.google.appengine.tools.enhancer.EnhancerTask.execute()



  private void addIncludes(final FileSet fs) {
    final AndSelector fsIncludes = new AndSelector();
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Examples of com.google.code.http4j.RequestExecutor.execute()

  protected Response submit(Request request, Metrics parentMetrics) throws InterruptedException,
      IOException, URISyntaxException {
    RequestExecutor executor = new BasicRequestExecutor(connectionManager, cookieCache, responseParser);
    Response response = executor.execute(request);
    LOGGER.debug("Metrics for {} : \r\n{}", request.getURI(), response.getMetrics());
    return postProcess(request, response);
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Examples of com.google.code.mojo.license.LicenseCheckMojo.execute()



    public void test_execution_quiet() throws Exception {
        LicenseCheckMojo mojo = new LicenseCheckMojo() {
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