Examples of execute()

Examples of org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandExecutor.execute()


    BlameOutput result = mock(BlameOutput.class);
    CommandExecutor commandExecutor = mock(CommandExecutor.class);

    when(commandExecutor.execute(any(Command.class), any(StreamConsumer.class), any(StreamConsumer.class), anyLong())).thenAnswer(new Answer<Integer>() {

      public Integer answer(InvocationOnMock invocation) throws Throwable {
        StreamConsumer outConsumer = (StreamConsumer) invocation.getArguments()[1];
        List<String> lines = IOUtils.readLines(getClass().getResourceAsStream("/blame.xml"), "UTF-8");
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Examples of org.sonar.batch.scan.ProjectReactorBuilder.execute()

    if (bootstrapper == null
      // Starting from Maven plugin 2.3 then only DefaultProjectBootstrapper should be used.
      || "true".equals(settings.getString("sonar.mojoUseRunner"))) {
      // Use default SonarRunner project bootstrapper
      ProjectReactorBuilder builder = getComponentByType(ProjectReactorBuilder.class);
      reactor = builder.execute();
    } else {
      reactor = bootstrapper.bootstrap();
    if (reactor == null) {
      throw new IllegalStateException(bootstrapper + " has returned null as ProjectReactor");
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Examples of org.sonar.ide.intellij.worker.RefreshProjectListWorker.execute()

        final Sonar sonarConn = SonarUtils.getSonar(txtHost.getText(), txtUser.getText(), new String(txtPassword.getPassword()),
        final RefreshProjectListWorker refreshProjectListWorker = new RefreshProjectListWorker(sonarConn);

    public void doneRefreshProjects(final List<SonarProject> newProjectList)
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Examples of org.sonar.ide.intellij.worker.RefreshRuleWorker.execute()

        if (refreshingInProgress || (rulesToolTipMap != null && rulesToolTipMap.size() != 0))
        RefreshRuleWorker refreshRuleWorker = new RefreshRuleWorker(project);
        refreshingInProgress = true;


    public void loadingFiles(final List<VirtualFile> filesLoading) {
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Examples of org.sonar.ide.intellij.worker.ResourceLookupWorker.execute()


                new SonarNavigator().navigateToDashboard(sonarModuleComponent, resourceId);

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Examples of org.sonar.runner.api.Runner.execute()


    public SonarRunnerResult executeRunner(UserCredentials token, ProcessMonitor processMonitor) throws MvnModelInputException {
        Runner runner = createForProject(token, processMonitor);
        try {
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            if (wrapper.isUnauthorized()) {
                throw new AuthorizationException();
            } else {
                throw new SonarRunnerException(ex);
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Examples of org.sonar.server.db.migrations.MassUpdate.execute()

    final Date now = new Date(system.now());

    MassUpdate massUpdate = context.prepareMassUpdate();
    massUpdate.select("SELECT p.id FROM projects p WHERE p.scope=? AND p.enabled=?").setString(1, "PRJ").setBoolean(2, true);
    massUpdate.update("UPDATE projects SET authorization_updated_at=? WHERE id=?");
    massUpdate.execute(new MassUpdate.Handler() {
      public boolean handle(Select.Row row, SqlStatement update) throws SQLException {
        Long id = row.getLong(1);
        update.setDate(1, now);
        update.setLong(2, id);
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Examples of org.sonar.server.db.migrations.Upsert.execute()

          .setString(3, ruleParameter.defaultValue)
          .setString(4, ruleParameter.name)
      if (!activeRules.isEmpty()) {

      // update date for ES indexation
      upsert = context.prepareUpsert("update active_rules set updated_at=? where id=?");
      Date now = new Date(system.now());
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Examples of org.sonatype.maven.shell.maven.MavenRuntime.execute()


        // Execute Maven
        int result = 0;
        try {
            result = runtime.execute(request);
        finally {
            // HACK: Not sure why, but we need to reset the terminal after some mvn builds
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Examples of org.sosy_lab.crocopat.cli.ExecuteCrocopat.execute()

    // get the crocopat output
    ExecuteCrocopat exec = new ExecuteCrocopat();
    List<String> result = null;
    try {
       result = exec.execute(rml.openStream(), rsf.openStream());
    } catch (CrocopatStderrException e) {
      // print out list of errors to stderr
      for (String error : e.getErrors()) {
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