Examples of update()

Examples of com.cetsoft.imcache.cache.offheap.bytebuffer.OffHeapByteBuffer.update()

      SimpleObject simpleObject = deserialize(buffer.retrieve(pointer));
    Pointer pointer = buffer.update(new Pointer(115, buffer), new byte[200]);
    buffer.retrieve(new Pointer(115, buffer));
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Examples of com.citrix.netscaler.nitro.resource.config.lb.lbvserver.update()

            lbvserver vserver = new lbvserver();
            try {
                vserver.update(_netscalerService, vserver);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                // Ignore Exception on cleanup
                if (!isCleanUp)
                    throw e;
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Examples of com.claymus.site.module.block.Block.update()

    if(accessLevel < ModuleHelper.ADD)
      throw new UserException();

    BlockType blockData = BlockData.getBlockType(blockDTO.getClass().getSimpleName().replace("DTO", ""));
    Block block = new Block(blockData, blockDTO.getLocation());
    block = BlockData.createBlock(block);
    if(block == null)
      throw new ServerException("Block could not be created. Please try again later.");
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Examples of com.claymus.site.module.content.Content.update()

      throw new UserException();

    Page page = PageData.getPage(KeyFactory.stringToKey(pageEncoded));
    ContentType contentData = ContentData.getContentType(contentDTO.getClass().getSimpleName().replace("DTO", ""));
    Content content = new Content(contentData, page.getId(), contentDTO.getLocation());
    content = ContentData.createContent(content);
    if(content == null)
      throw new ServerException("Content could not be created. Please try again later.");
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Examples of com.cloud.bridge.persist.dao.MHostDao.update()

      public void run() {
        try {
          MHostDao mhostDao = new MHostDao();
        } catch(Throwable e){
          logger.error("Unexpected exception " + e.getMessage(), e);
        } finally {
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Examples of com.cloud.bridge.persist.dao.SBucketDao.update()

      else {
         logger.error( "executePutBucketVersioning - unknown state: [" + versioningStatus + "]" );
         response.setStatus( 400 );
      bucketDao.update( sbucket );
    } catch( PermissionDeniedException e ) {
      logger.error( "executePutBucketVersioning - failed due to " + e.getMessage(), e);
      throw e;
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Examples of com.cloud.bridge.persist.dao.SObjectDao.update()

       verifyAccess( context, "SBucket", sbucket.getId(), SAcl.PERMISSION_WRITE );

       if (null == wantVersion) {
         // -> if versioning is on and no versionId is given then we just write a deletion marker
         sobject.setDeletionMark( UUID.randomUUID().toString());
         objectDao.update( sobject );
          // -> are we removing the delete marker?
          String deletionMarker = sobject.getDeletionMark();
          if (null != deletionMarker && wantVersion.equalsIgnoreCase( deletionMarker )) {
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Examples of com.cloudera.cdk.data.DatasetRepository.update()

    DatasetDescriptor descriptor = repo.load(datasetName).getDescriptor();
    DatasetDescriptor.Builder descriptorBuilder =
        new DatasetDescriptor.Builder(descriptor);
    configureSchema(descriptorBuilder, avroSchemaFile, avroSchemaReflectClass);

    repo.update(datasetName, descriptorBuilder.build());
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Examples of com.cloudera.iterativereduce.yarn.avro.generated.IterativeReduceService.update()

    assertEquals(true, masterPrc.progress(workerTwo, progress));
    // Update
    UpdateableInt uInt = new UpdateableInt();
    assertEquals(true, masterPrc.update(workerOne, uInt.toBytes()));
    // We should not be in RUNNING state on master, so we get a false
    assertEquals(false, masterPrc.update(workerOne, uInt.toBytes()));

    // Obnoxiously put ourself back into WORKING state, but master refuses our
    // update, because we already provided an update in this round
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Examples of com.cloudera.sqoop.metastore.JobStorage.update()

        // Save the 'parent' SqoopOptions; this does not contain the mutations
        // to the SqoopOptions state that occurred over the course of this
        // execution, except for the one we specifically want to memorize:
        // the latest value of the check column.
        JobData data = new JobData(options.getParent(), this);
        storage.update(jobName, data);
        LOG.info("Updated data for job: " + jobName);
      } finally {
    } else {
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