Examples of keySet()

Examples of org.kie.internal.executor.api.ExecutionResults.keySet()

        Map<String, Object> data = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        for (String cmd : commandsList) {
            Class<?> forName = Class.forName(cmd.trim(), true, cl);
            Command newInstance = (Command) forName.newInstance();
            ExecutionResults execute = newInstance.execute(commandContext);
            Set<String> keySet = execute.keySet();
            for (String key : keySet) {
                data.put(key, execute.getData(key));
                //I'm adding the results as part of the context for the next commands execution
                commandContext.getData().put(key, execute.getData(key));

Examples of org.kiji.schema.KijiMetaTable.keySet()

    // The meta table should have a single table, foo, in it.
    assertEquals(1, metaTable.listTables().size());
    assertEquals(1, metaTable.tableSet().size());

    // The meta table should have a single key-value pair, "key"/"value", for table foo.
    assertEquals(1, metaTable.keySet("foo").size());
    assertArrayEquals(BYTES_VALUE, metaTable.getValue("foo", "key"));

    // write to backupBuilder
    final MetadataBackup.Builder backupBuilder = MetadataBackup.newBuilder()

Examples of org.moxie.maxml.MaxmlMap.keySet()

      Map<String, String> properties = new HashMap<String, String>();
      properties.put(Key.groupId.name(), project.groupId);
      properties.put(Key.artifactId.name(), project.artifactId);
      properties.put(Key.version.name(), project.version);
      properties.put(Key.apply.name(), StringUtils.flattenStrings(apply, ", "));
      for (String key : map.keySet()) {
        Object o = map.get(key);
        if (o instanceof String) {
          String value = resolveProperties(o.toString(), properties);
          map.put(key, value);

Examples of org.mozilla.javascript.NativeObject.keySet()

    public SortedMap<String, FileData> jsonToMap(String data) {
        TreeMap<String, FileData> map = new TreeMap<String, FileData>();
        try {
            NativeObject json = (NativeObject) parser.parseValue(data);
            for (Object scriptURI : json.keySet()) {
                NativeObject scriptData = (NativeObject) json.get(scriptURI);
                NativeArray lineCoverageArray = (NativeArray) scriptData.get("lineData");
                NativeObject branchJSONArray = (NativeObject) scriptData.get("branchData");
                List<Integer> countData = new ArrayList<Integer>(lineCoverageArray.size());
                for (int i = 0; i < lineCoverageArray.size(); i++)

Examples of org.netbeans.spi.project.support.ant.EditableProperties.keySet()

                        public Void run () throws IOException {
                            String systemName = fe.getFile().getName();
                            String propPrefix =  "platforms." + systemName + ".";   //NOI18N
                            boolean changed = false;
                            EditableProperties props = PropertyUtils.getGlobalProperties();
                            for (Iterator<String> it = props.keySet().iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
                                String key = it.next ();
                                if (key.startsWith(propPrefix)) {
                                    changed =true;

Examples of org.nutz.lang.util.MultiLineProperties.keySet()

            msgs = new NutMessageMap();
            re.put(langType, msgs);

          // 将本地化字符串增加到当前语言
          for (String key : p.keySet()) {
            String str = p.get(key);
            Segment seg = (new CharSegment()).valueOf(str);
            if (seg.keys().isEmpty())
              msgs.put(key, str);

Examples of org.ofbiz.entity.GenericEntity.keySet()

            if(servicePathObject instanceof HashMap){
                servicePathMap = (HashMap)servicePathObject;
            }else if(servicePathObject instanceof GenericEntity){
                GenericEntity servicePathEntity = (GenericEntity)servicePathObject;
                Set servicePathEntitySet = servicePathEntity.keySet();
                Iterator spesItr = servicePathEntitySet.iterator();
                servicePathMap = FastMap.newInstance();
                    String spesKey = (String)spesItr.next();
                    servicePathMap.put(spesKey, servicePathEntity.get(spesKey));

Examples of org.omnaest.utils.propertyfile.content.PropertyMap.keySet()

        PropertyFileContent propertyFileContent = propertyFile.getPropertyFileContent();
        PropertyMap propertyMap = propertyFileContent.getPropertyMap();
        retset.addAll( propertyMap.keySet() );
    return retset;

Examples of org.opengis.feature.type.Schema.keySet()

    protected Schema buildTypeMappingProfile(Schema typeSchema) {
        //reuse the regular gml3 type mapping profile bindings, but override
        // the namespace uri
        Schema gml3Profile = org.geotools.gml3.GML.getInstance().getTypeMappingProfile();
        Set profile = new LinkedHashSet();
        for (Name n : gml3Profile.keySet()) {
            n = new NameImpl(NAMESPACE, n.getLocalPart());
            if (typeSchema.get(n) != null) {

Examples of org.openstreetmap.josm.data.osm.OsmPrimitive.keySet()

    public void testCreatePrimitive() throws Exception {
        final OsmPrimitive p = OsmUtils.createPrimitive("way name=Foo railway=rail");
        assertTrue(p instanceof Way);
        assertThat(p.keySet().size(), is(2));
        assertThat(p.get("name"), is("Foo"));
        assertThat(p.get("railway"), is("rail"));

    @Test(expected = IllegalArgumentException.class)
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