Examples of keySet()

Examples of org.apache.sis.xml.IdentifierMap.keySet()

        assertEquals("Duplicated authorities shall be filtered.", 2, map.size());
        assertEquals("Duplicated authorities shall still exist.", 3, identifiers.size());
        assertEquals("myID1",  map.get(ID));
        assertEquals("myUUID", map.get(UUID));

        final Iterator<Citation> it = map.keySet().iterator();
        assertSame(ID, it.next());
        assertSame(UUID, it.next());

Examples of org.apache.sling.api.request.RequestParameterMap.keySet()

        final Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();

        final RequestParameterMap requestMap = request.getRequestParameterMap();

        for (final String key : requestMap.keySet()) {
            // POST LookupKey formName param does not matter
            if (StringUtils.equals(key, this.getPostLookupKey(null))) {

Examples of org.apache.sling.api.resource.ModifiableValueMap.keySet()

            // around a potential issue with jackrabbit in a clustered environment

            final ModifiableValueMap myInstanceMap = myInstance.adaptTo(ModifiableValueMap.class);
            final Set<String> keys = new HashSet<String>(myInstanceMap.keySet());
            for(final String key : keys) {
                if (newProps.containsKey(key)) {
                    // perfect
                } else if (key.indexOf(":")!=-1) {

Examples of org.apache.sling.api.resource.ValueMap.keySet()

        if (res != null) {
            final Resource propertiesChild = res.getChild("properties");
            if (propertiesChild != null) {
                final ValueMap properties = propertiesChild.adaptTo(ValueMap.class);
                if (properties != null) {
                    for (Iterator<String> it = properties.keySet().iterator(); it
                            .hasNext();) {
                        String key = it.next();
                        if (!key.equals("jcr:primaryType")) {
                            props.put(key, properties.get(key, String.class));

Examples of org.apache.solr.common.SolrInputDocument.keySet()

        resultMapper.map(result, solrUpdateWriter);
        SolrInputDocument solrDocument = solrInputDocCaptor.getValue();

        assertEquals(Sets.newHashSet("fieldA", "fieldB"), solrDocument.keySet());

        SolrInputField fieldA = solrDocument.get("fieldA");
        SolrInputField fieldB = solrDocument.get("fieldB");

        assertEquals(Lists.newArrayList(42), fieldA.getValues());

Examples of org.apache.tools.ant.gui.core.PropertiesManager.keySet()

     * Refreshes the Properties used by the Reopened from the global PropertiesManager.
    protected void loadList() {
        PropertiesManager pm = getContext().getPropertiesManager();
        Iterator i = pm.keySet().iterator();
        String key = null;
        String value = null;
        while(i.hasNext()) {
            key = (String) i.next();
            if (isReopenerFilelistKey(key)) {

Examples of org.apache.torque.generator.option.Options.keySet()

            for (Option option : visibleOptions.values())
                QualifiedName qualifiedName = option.getQualifiedName();
                context.put(qualifiedName.getName(), option.getValue());
            log.debug("Put options in context " + visibleOptions.keySet());
            log.debug("options in context are disabled");

Examples of org.apache.torque.util.Criteria.keySet()

        throws DataBackendException
        if (criteria instanceof Criteria)
            Criteria c = (Criteria)criteria;
            for (Iterator keys = c.keySet().iterator(); keys.hasNext(); )
                String key = (String) keys.next();
                // set the table name for all attached criterion
                Criteria.Criterion[] criterion =

Examples of org.apache.turbine.util.parser.ParameterParser.keySet()

        String button = pp.convert(BUTTON);
        String key = null;

        // Loop through and find the button.
        for (Iterator it = pp.keySet().iterator(); it.hasNext();)
            key = (String) it.next();
            if (key.startsWith(button))
                if (considerKey(key, pp))

Examples of org.apache.uima.ducc.transport.event.common.IDuccProcessMap.keySet()

  private void interrupter() {
    String location = "interrupter";
    CasDispatchMap casDispatchMap = getCasDispatchMap();
    IDuccProcessMap processMap = (IDuccProcessMap) getJob().getProcessMap().deepCopy();
    Iterator<DuccId> iterator = processMap.keySet().iterator();
    while(iterator.hasNext()) {
      DuccId duccId = iterator.next();
      IDuccProcess duccProcess = processMap.get(duccId);
      boolean statusComplete = duccProcess.isComplete();
      boolean statusDeallocated = duccProcess.isDeallocated();
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