Examples of check()

Examples of org.objectweb.joram.shared.security.Identity.check()

      if (logger.isLoggable(BasicLevel.ERROR))
        logger.log(BasicLevel.ERROR, "User [" + identity.getUserName() + "] does not exist");
      throw new Exception("User [" + identity.getUserName() + "] does not exist");

    if (!userIdentity.check(identity)) {
      if (logger.isLoggable(BasicLevel.ERROR))
        logger.log(BasicLevel.ERROR, "identity check failed.");
      throw new Exception("identity check failed.");
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Examples of org.objectweb.speedo.pobjects.basic.BasicType.check()


      bt = (BasicType) pm.getObjectById(oid, false);
      Assert.assertNotNull("bt is null", bt);
    public void testBasicType35() {
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Examples of org.obolibrary.oboformat.model.OBODoc.check()

    public List<Diff> roundTripOBODoc(@Nonnull OBODoc obodoc,
            boolean isExpectRoundtrip) throws Exception {
        OWLOntology oo = convert(obodoc);
        OBODoc obodoc2 = convert(oo);
        List<Diff> diffs = OBODocDiffer.getDiffs(obodoc, obodoc2);
        if (isExpectRoundtrip) {
            assertEquals("Expected no diffs but " + diffs, 0, diffs.size());
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Examples of org.outerj.expression.Expression.check()

        FormulaParser parser = new FormulaParser(new java.io.StringReader(expressionString)); //, functionFactory);

        Expression expression = parser.getExpression();

        return expression;
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Examples of org.ow2.easybeans.tests.common.ejbs.base.invocationcontext.ItfInvocation00.check()

     * @param beanClass bean class
     * @throws Exception Exception if there is a problem with the test.
    private void testInvocation(final Class beanClass) throws Exception {
        ItfInvocation00 icBean = getBeanRemoteInstance(beanClass, ItfInvocation00.class);

     * Verifies if the intercepted method parameters can be modified to a null
     * reference. The interceptor method is on the bean class.
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Examples of org.ow2.easybeans.tests.common.ejbs.stateless.containermanaged.callbacklogger.CallbackChecker.check()


        // Verifies the invoked interceptors.
        try {
            checker.check(MDBInvocationOrder00.class.toString(), UNDEFINED, lstResult);
            super.log(MDBInvocationOrder00.class.toString(), AROUND_INVOKE, MDBInvocationOrder00.class.toString());
        } catch (Exception e) {
            logger.error("Error verifying interceptors order. Exception: ", e);
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Examples of org.qi4j.api.metrics.MetricsHealthCheck.check()

                throws Exception
                throw new RuntimeException( "Not healthy!!!" );
        } );
        test.check(); // Should not throw an exception, as it should have been replaced by a null implementation.

    public void givenMetricsProviderWithoutSupportForHistogramWhenRequestingHistogramExpectDefaultNullImplementation()
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Examples of org.rioproject.impl.associations.filter.VersionMatchFilter.check()

public class VersionMatchFilterTest {

    public void testVersionMatchFilter1() {
        VersionMatchFilter versionMatchFilter = new VersionMatchFilter();
        Assert.assertTrue(versionMatchFilter.check(makeAssociationDescriptor("1.*"), makeServiceItem("1.1")));

    public void testVersionMatchFilter2() {
        VersionMatchFilter versionMatchFilter = new VersionMatchFilter();
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Examples of org.springmodules.validation.util.condition.Condition.check()

        BeanWrapper wrapper = wrapBean(obj);
        for (int i=0; i<cascadeValidations.length; i++) {
            CascadeValidation cascadeValidation = cascadeValidations[i];
            Condition applicabilityCondition = cascadeValidation.getApplicabilityCondition();

            if (!applicabilityCondition.check(obj)) {

            String propertyName = cascadeValidation.getPropertyName();
            Class propertyType = wrapper.getPropertyType(propertyName);
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Examples of org.vngx.jsch.util.HostKeyRepository.check()

    // Check host against known hosts repository
    HostKeyRepository hkr = JSch.getInstance().getHostKeyRepository();
    Check keyCheck;
    synchronized( hkr ) {
      keyCheck = hkr.check(chost, kex.K_S);

    boolean insert = false;
    String shkc = _session.getConfig().getString(SessionConfig.STRICT_HOST_KEY_CHECKING);
    if( ("ask".equals(shkc) || "yes".equals(shkc)) && keyCheck == Check.CHANGED ) {
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