Examples of check()

Examples of org.apache.sling.testing.tools.http.RetryingContentChecker.check()

            final int status = 200;
            final int timeout = TimeoutsProvider.getInstance().getTimeout(30);
            final int intervalMsec = TimeoutsProvider.getInstance().getTimeout(500);
            log.info("Checking that {} returns status {}, timeout={} seconds",
                    new Object[] { path, status, timeout });
            servletChecker.check(path, status, timeout, intervalMsec);
            servletOk = true;
            log.info("{} is ready, returns expected content", path);
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Examples of org.apache.wookie.util.WgtWatcher.check()

             // Not implemented - the .wgt files are removed as part of the deployment process
           try {
              while (true) {
            } catch (InterruptedException iex) {
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Examples of org.apache.zookeeper.Transaction.check()

        zk_chroot = createClient(this.hostPort + chRoot);
        String childPath = "/myid";
        Transaction transaction = zk_chroot.transaction();
        transaction.create(childPath, new byte[0], Ids.OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE,
        transaction.check(childPath, 0);
        transaction.setData(childPath, childPath.getBytes(), 0);

        Assert.assertNotNull("zNode is not created under chroot:" + chRoot, zk
                .exists(chRoot + childPath, false));
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Examples of org.aspectj.weaver.NewConstructorTypeMunger.check()

    ResolvedMember syntheticInterMember = AjcMemberMaker.interConstructor(declaringTypeX, signature, aspectType);

    NewConstructorTypeMunger myMunger = new NewConstructorTypeMunger(signature, syntheticInterMember, null, null,

    this.selector = binding.selector = NameMangler.postIntroducedConstructor(world.fromBinding(binding.declaringClass),

    return new EclipseTypeMunger(world, myMunger, aspectType, this);
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Examples of org.aspectj.weaver.patterns.Pointcut.check()

  private static Pointcut parsePointcut(String pointcutString, AjAttributeStruct struct, boolean allowIf) {
    try {
      PatternParser parser = new PatternParser(pointcutString, struct.context);
      Pointcut pointcut = parser.parsePointcut();
      pointcut.check(null, struct.enclosingType.getWorld());
      if (!allowIf && pointcutString.indexOf("if()") >= 0 && hasIf(pointcut)) {
        reportError("if() pointcut is not allowed at this pointcut location '" + pointcutString + "'", struct);
        return null;
      pointcut.setLocation(struct.context, -1, -1);// FIXME -1,-1 is not
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Examples of org.astrogrid.samp.Message.check()

                List<String> strRowList = new ArrayList<String>(rowList.size());
                for(Integer i : rowList) {
                msg.addParam("row-list", strRowList);
                return msg;
        return null;
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Examples of org.bitcoinj.crypto.MnemonicCode.check()


        // Validate words as they are being typed.
        MnemonicCode codec = unchecked(MnemonicCode::new);
        TextFieldValidator validator = new TextFieldValidator(wordsArea, text ->
            !didThrow(() -> codec.check(Splitter.on(' ').splitToList(text)))

        // Clear the date picker if the user starts editing the words, if it contained the current wallets date.
        // This forces them to set the birthday field when restoring.
        wordsArea.textProperty().addListener(o -> {
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Examples of org.boco.seamwebappgen.utils.EntityCheck.check()

        if (!infoReader.ignoreBean(beanName))
          EntityCheck ck = new EntityCheck();

          ck.check(beanName, infoReader.getClass(beanName), infoReader.getRelationships(beanName));

          Bean bean = new Bean();

          bean.setName(beanName, infoReader.getPackage());
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Examples of org.cspoker.server.embedded.gamecontrol.PlayingTableState.check()

      try {
        fail("Exception Expected.");
      } catch (IllegalActionException e) {

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Examples of org.eclipse.jgit.lib.ObjectChecker.check()

      final RevObject o = ow.nextObject();
      if (o == null)

      final byte[] bin = db.open(o, o.getType()).getCachedBytes();
      oc.check(o.getType(), bin);
      assertHash(o, bin);

  private static void assertHash(RevObject id, byte[] bin) {
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