Examples of KeyEvent

Examples of ae.java.awt.event.KeyEvent

            } else {
                // passive client -> send text as KeyEvents
                char keyChar = text.first();
                while (committedCharacterCount-- > 0 && keyChar != CharacterIterator.DONE) {
                    KeyEvent keyEvent = new KeyEvent(client, KeyEvent.KEY_TYPED,
                                                 time, 0, KeyEvent.VK_UNDEFINED, keyChar);
                    keyChar = text.next();
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Examples of aspect.event.KeyEvent

                        while (Keyboard.next()) {
                            char ch = Keyboard.getEventCharacter();
                            int key = Keyboard.getEventKey();
                            boolean state = Keyboard.getEventKeyState();
                            for (Behavior c : keyListeners) {
                                c.keyEvent(new KeyEvent(key, ch, state));

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Examples of charva.awt.event.KeyEvent

     * Process events that are implemented by all components.
     * This can be overridden by subclasses, to handle custom events.
    protected void processEvent(AWTEvent evt_) {
  if (evt_ instanceof KeyEvent) {
      KeyEvent ke = (KeyEvent) evt_;

      /* Find the ancestor Window that contains the component that
       * generated the keystroke.
       * Then we call the processKeyEvent method
       * of the ancestor Window, which calls the same method in its
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Examples of charva.awt.event.KeyEvent

        if (key_ > 255 || key_ < ' ')
            id = AWTEvent.KEY_PRESSED;
            id = AWTEvent.KEY_TYPED;

        _evtQueue.postEvent(new KeyEvent(key_, id, source_));
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Examples of charva.awt.event.KeyEvent

    protected void processEvent(AWTEvent evt_) {


  if (evt_ instanceof KeyEvent) {
      KeyEvent key_event = (KeyEvent) evt_;
      if (( ! key_event.isConsumed()) &&
    key_event.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.VK_ENTER &&
    super.isEnabled()) {
    EventQueue queue = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemEventQueue();
    queue.postEvent(new ActionEvent(this, getActionCommand()));
  else if (evt_ instanceof ActionEvent)
      fireActionPerformed((ActionEvent) evt_);
  else if (evt_ instanceof ItemEvent)
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Examples of com.ardor3d.input.KeyEvent

            final boolean pressed = Keyboard.getEventKeyState();
            final char keyChar = Keyboard.getEventCharacter();

            final Key k = LwjglKey.findByCode(keyCode);

            return new KeyEvent(k, pressed ? KeyState.DOWN : KeyState.UP, keyChar);
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Examples of com.opera.core.systems.internal.input.KeyEvent

    // The array with keysToSend is a multidimensional list.  To make the algorithm for sending keys
    // and key combinations to the browser easier we flatten it first.
    for (CharSequence sequence : keysToSend) {
      for (int i = 0; i < sequence.length(); ++i) {
        builder.add(new KeyEvent(sequence.charAt(i)));

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Examples of com.pointcliki.input.KeyEvent

     * Serial key
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -3335242640820477969L;

    protected void dispatchKeyEvent(String type, int key, char c) {
      dispatchEvent("key." + type, new KeyEvent(key, c));
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Examples of com.scriptographer.ui.KeyEvent

  private static boolean onHandleKeyEvent(int type, int identifier,
      char character, int modifiers) {
    // TODO: There is currently no way to use these callbacks in a Java-only
    // use of the API. Find one?
    return callCallbacks(callbackNames[type], new Object[] {
        new KeyEvent(type, identifier, character, modifiers)
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Examples of com.sun.star.awt.KeyEvent

        Object[] oKeyEvents = xAccelCfg.getPreferredKeyEventsForCommandList(sCommandList);
        for (int i = 0; i < oKeyEvents.length; i++)
            System.out.println("get preferred key for command " + sCommandList[i] + ":");

            KeyEvent aKeyEvent = (KeyEvent) AnyConverter.toObject(KeyEvent.class, oKeyEvents[i]);
            String sKeyEvent = convertAWTKey2Shortcut(aKeyEvent);

            String sCmdFromConfiguration = getCommandFromConfiguration(xPrimaryAccess, sKeyEvent);
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