Examples of toURI()

Examples of org.gradle.util.TestFile.toURI()

    public void failsWhenNoImplementationClassSpecifiedInPropertiesFile() throws MalformedURLException {
        Properties properties = new Properties();
        final TestFile propertiesFile = testDir.file("prop");
        GUtil.saveProperties(properties, propertiesFile);
        final URL url = propertiesFile.toURI().toURL();

        context.checking(new Expectations() {{
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Examples of org.jboss.as.controller.descriptions.ModelDescriptionConstants.URL.toURI()

                ModelNode contentItem = new ModelNode();

                boolean explodedDeployment = true; // this is here just to keep the code around that deploys if we are unexploded
                if (explodedDeployment) {
                    String urlString = new File(url.toURI()).getAbsolutePath();
                    if (!(new File(urlString).exists())) {
                        throw new FileNotFoundException("Missing the EAR at [" + urlString + "]");
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Examples of org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile.toURI()

        final VirtualFile mountDir = VFS.getChild("content");
        ScheduledExecutorService executor = Executors.newSingleThreadScheduledExecutor();
        try (TempFileProvider provider = TempFileProvider.create("test", executor, false);
             Closeable mount = VFS.mountZip(VFS.getChild(jaxRsApiPath), mountDir, provider)) {

            ResourceFinder finder = new VfsSchemeResourceFinderFactory().create(new URI(mountDir.toURI().toString() + "/javax/ws/rs"), true);

            int scannedEntryCount = 0;
            while (finder.hasNext()) {
                // Fetch next entry.
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Examples of org.jboss.virtual.VirtualFile.toURI()

      URI uri = context.getRootURI();
      VirtualFile child1 = getChildHandler(context, "child1").getVirtualFile();
      VirtualFile child11 = getChildHandler(context, "child1/child1,1").getVirtualFile();
      VirtualFile root = VFS.getRoot(uri);
      assertEquals(uri, root.toURI());

      VirtualFile found1 = root.findChild("child1");
      assertEquals(child1.toURI(), found1.toURI());

      VirtualFile found11 = root.findChild("child1/child1,1");
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Examples of org.jboss.virtual.spi.VirtualFileHandler.toURI()

      URI rootURI = context.getRootURI();
      VirtualFileHandler rootHandler = context.getRoot();
      VFS vfs = context.getVFS();
      VirtualFile rootFile = vfs.getRoot();
      assertEquals(rootURI, rootHandler.toURI());
      assertEquals(rootHandler.getVirtualFile(), rootFile);
   /* TODO getOptions
   public void testGetOptions() throws Exception
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Examples of org.jboss.ws.core.soap.Use.toURI()


   public TypeMappingImpl getTypeMapping()
      Use encStyle = getEncodingStyle();
      TypeMappingImpl typeMapping = (TypeMappingImpl)tmRegistry.getTypeMapping(encStyle.toURI());
      if (typeMapping == null)
         throw new WSException("No type mapping for encoding style: " + encStyle);

      return typeMapping;
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Examples of org.jruby.util.JRubyFile.toURI()

            // check current directory; if file exists, retrieve URL and return resource
            try {
                JRubyFile file = JRubyFile.create(runtime.getCurrentDirectory(), RubyFile.expandUserPath(runtime.getCurrentContext(), namePlusSuffix));
                if (file.isFile() && file.isAbsolute()) {
                    try {
                        foundResource = new LoadServiceResource(file.toURI().toURL(), namePlusSuffix);
                        state.loadName = namePlusSuffix;
                    } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
                        throw runtime.newIOErrorFromException(e);
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Examples of org.kie.commons.java.nio.file.Path.toUri()

            PortablePreconditions.checkNotNull( "type",
                                                type );
            PortablePreconditions.checkNotNull( "resource",
                                                resource );

            final String destinationPath = resource.toUri().toString().substring( projectPrefix.length() + 1 );
            switch ( type ) {
                case ADD:
                case UPDATE:
                    //Add/update resource
                    final InputStream is = ioService.newInputStream( resource );
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Examples of org.maqetta.server.IStorage.toURI()

  public ILibraryFinder[] getFinders(String base){
    ILibraryFinder[] finders = ServerManager.getServerManager().getLibraryManager().getLibraryFinders();
    IStorage baseFile = this.userDirectory.newInstance(this.userDirectory, base);
    Vector<ILibraryFinder> allLibs = new Vector();
    for(int i=0;i<finders.length;i++){
      ILibraryFinder finder = finders[i].getInstance(baseFile.toURI(), baseFile.getName());
    return allLibs.toArray(new ILibraryFinder[allLibs.size()]);
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Examples of org.qi4j.api.entity.EntityReference.toURI()

            EntityReference associatedId = entityState.associationValueOf( associationType.qualifiedName() );
            if( associatedId != null )
                URI assocURI = values.createURI( associationType.qualifiedName().toURI() );
                URI assocEntityURI = values.createURI( associatedId.toURI() );
                graph.add( entityUri, assocURI, assocEntityURI );
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