Examples of moveTo()

Examples of ae.java.awt.geom.GeneralPath.moveTo()

            float hy = adl.descentY + adl.leadingY + adl.ascentY;
            float x = positions[ix*2] + gs.dx - adl.ascentX;
            float y = positions[ix*2+1] + gs.dy - adl.ascentY;

            GeneralPath gp = new GeneralPath();
            gp.moveTo(x, y);
            gp.lineTo(x + wx, y + wy);
            gp.lineTo(x + wx + hx, y + wy + hy);
            gp.lineTo(x + hx, y + hy);

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Examples of ae.java.awt.geom.Path2D.moveTo()

                 new LineSink() {
                     public void moveTo(int x0, int y0) {
                         p2d.moveTo(S15_16ToFloat(x0), S15_16ToFloat(y0));
                     public void lineJoin() {}
                     public void lineTo(int x1, int y1) {
                         p2d.lineTo(S15_16ToFloat(x1), S15_16ToFloat(y1));
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Examples of ae.sun.font.LayoutPathImpl.SegmentPathBuilder.moveTo()

            isSimple = false;

            Point2D.Double pt = new Point2D.Double();
            double tx = 0, ty = 0;
            SegmentPathBuilder builder = new SegmentPathBuilder();
            builder.moveTo(locs[0], 0);
            for (int i = 0, n = 0; i < fComponents.length; ++i, n += 2) {
                tlc = fComponents[getComponentLogicalIndex(i)];
                AffineTransform at = tlc.getBaselineTransform();
                if (at != null && ((at.getType() & at.TYPE_TRANSLATION) != 0)) {
                    double dx = at.getTranslateX();
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Examples of com.aspose.cells.Worksheet.moveTo()

        Worksheet worksheet3 = worksheets.add("Sheet3");
    //Move Sheets with in Workbook.

    //Save the excel file.
    System.out.println("Sheet moved successfully."); // Print Message
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Examples of com.aspose.words.DocumentBuilder.moveTo()

    //Shows how to access the current node in a document builder.
    Node curNode = builder.getCurrentNode();
    Paragraph curParagraph = builder.getCurrentParagraph();
    // Shows how to move a cursor position to a specified node.
    // Shows how to move a cursor position to the beginning or end of a document.
    builder.writeln("This is the end of the document.");
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Examples of com.bradmcevoy.http.MoveableResource.moveTo()

            MiltonFtpFile dest = (MiltonFtpFile) newFile;
            CollectionResource crDest;
            crDest = dest.getParent();
            String newName = dest.path.getName();
            try {
                src.moveTo( crDest, newName );
                return true;
            } catch( BadRequestException ex ) {
                log.error( "bad request, can't move", ex );
                return false;
            } catch( NotAuthorizedException ex ) {
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Examples of com.coyotegulch.jisp.BTreeObjectIterator.moveTo()

            try {
                final BTreeObjectIterator iterator =

                if (!iterator.moveTo((KeyObject)fromFactory.newInstance())) {
                    throw new RuntimeException("record " + from + " does not exist");
                do {
                    final Object item = iterator.getObject();
                    if (item != null) {
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Examples of com.google.code.appengine.awt.geom.GeneralPath.moveTo()

    protected Shape createShape(double[] xPoints, double[] yPoints,
            int nPoints, boolean close) {
        GeneralPath path = new GeneralPath(GeneralPath.WIND_EVEN_ODD);
        if (nPoints > 0) {
            path.moveTo((float) xPoints[0], (float) yPoints[0]);
            for (int i = 1; i < nPoints; i++) {
                path.lineTo((float) xPoints[i], (float) yPoints[i]);
            if (close)
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Examples of com.google.collide.shared.document.LineInfo.moveTo()

    do {
      if (!executor.onSearchLine(lineInfo.line(), lineInfo.number(), true)) {
        return false;
    } while (lineInfo.line() != searchDirectionHelper.getViewportEndLine()
        && lineInfo.moveTo(searchDirectionHelper.isGoingDown()));

     * If we stopped because lineInfo == endline then we need to continue async
     * scanning, otherwise this moveTo call will fail and we won't bother. We
     * also have to check for the case where the viewport was already scrolled
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Examples of com.google.gwt.canvas.dom.client.Context2d.moveTo()

        canvasGradient.addColorStop(1, "rgba(200,20,120, 1)");
    context.moveTo(0 , canvasHeight/3);
    context.lineTo(canvasWidth*2/3, canvasHeight/3);
    context.lineTo(canvasWidth*2/3, 0);
    context.lineTo(canvasWidth, canvasHeight/2);
    context.lineTo(canvasWidth*2/3, canvasHeight);
    context.lineTo(canvasWidth*2/3, canvasHeight*2/3);
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