Examples of members()

Examples of akka.cluster.ClusterEvent.CurrentClusterState.members()

  public void onReceive(Object message) {
    if (message instanceof CurrentClusterState) {
      CurrentClusterState state = (CurrentClusterState) message;
      log.info("Current members: {}", state.members());

    } else if (message instanceof MemberUp) {
      MemberUp mUp = (MemberUp) message;
      log.info("Member is Up: {}", mUp.member());
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Examples of com.ecyrd.jspwiki.auth.authorize.Group.members()

    public void testParseGroup() throws WikiSecurityException
        String members = "Biff";
        Group group = m_groupMgr.parseGroup( "Group1", members, true );
        assertEquals( 1, group.members().length );
        assertTrue ( group.isMember( new WikiPrincipal( "Biff" ) ) );

        members = "Biff \n SteveAustin \n FredFlintstone";
        group = m_groupMgr.parseGroup( "Group2", members, true );
        assertEquals( 3, group.members().length );
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Examples of com.evasion.sam.jaas.EvasionGroup.members()

            LOGGER.fine("Principal utilisé: " + tmp);
            if (p instanceof EvasionGroup && "Roles".equals(tmp)) {

                EvasionGroup evasionGroup = (EvasionGroup) p;

                for (Principal grp : Collections.list(evasionGroup.members())) {
                    LOGGER.fine("Groupe associe: " + grp.getName());

                assignedGroups = new String[groups.size()];
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Examples of com.life.audiotageditor.model.AudioFolder.members()

    AudioFolder audioFolder = (AudioFolder) audioModel.getFolder(StringUtil
        new StructuredSelection(audioFolder.members()[0]), true);
    return null;

  private String openFolderDialog(IWorkbenchWindow window) {
    DirectoryDialog dialog = new DirectoryDialog(window.getShell(),
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Examples of com.life.audiotageditor.model.IAudioFolder.members()

  public void workspaceTest() {
    AudioModel root = (AudioModel) AudioModelManager.instance().getRoot();
    IAudioFolder audioFolder = root.getFolder("D:/mp3/"); //$NON-NLS-1$

    AudioModel[] audioModels = (AudioModel[]) audioFolder.members();
    for (AudioModel audioModel : audioModels) {

      if (audioModel instanceof AudioFolder) {
        AudioModel[] audioMo = (AudioModel[]) ((AudioFolder) audioModel)
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Examples of com.sun.tools.corba.se.idl.StructEntry.members()

    else if (entry instanceof StructEntry)
      StructEntry s = (StructEntry)entry;

      // Look through the members
      Enumeration members = s.members ().elements ();
      while (members.hasMoreElements ())
        SymtabEntry member = (TypedefEntry)members.nextElement ();
        // <d48034> Need to add helper name for typedef members.  This name
        // is referenced at typecode generation in Helper class.
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Examples of com.sun.tools.internal.xjc.reader.dtd.bindinfo.BIInterface.members()

        // and populate its expression according to the members attribute.
        for( Map.Entry<BIInterface,JClass> e : decls.entrySet() ) {
            BIInterface decl = e.getKey();
            JClass c = e.getValue();

            for (String member : decl.members()) {
                InterfaceAcceptor acc = fromName.get(member);
                if (acc == null) {
                    // there is no such class/interface
                    // TODO: error location
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Examples of com.sun.tools.javac.code.Symbol.members()

     * {@inheritDoc}
    public FilteredMemberList getAllMembers(TypeElement element) {
        Symbol sym = cast(Symbol.class, element);
        Scope scope = sym.members().dupUnshared();
        List<Type> closure = types.closure(sym.asType());
        for (Type t : closure)
            addMembers(scope, t);
        return new FilteredMemberList(scope);
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Examples of com.sun.tools.javac.code.Symbol.PackageSymbol.members()

                 * Eventually this will go away as we get a hook from the typechecker to load on demand, but
                 * for now the typechecker requires at least ceylon.language to be loaded
                for(Symbol m : ceylonPkg.members().getElements()){
                    // skip things that are not classes (perhaps package-info?)
                    if(!(m instanceof ClassSymbol))
                    ClassSymbol enclosingClass = getEnclosing((ClassSymbol) m);

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Examples of com.sun.tools.javac.code.Symbol.TypeSymbol.members()

  public static MethodSymbol findSuperMethod(MethodSymbol method, Types types) {
    TypeSymbol superClass = method.enclClass().getSuperclass().tsym;
    if (superClass == null) {
      return null;
    for (Symbol sym : superClass.members().getElements()) {
      if (sym.name.contentEquals(method.name)
          && method.overrides(sym, superClass, types, true)) {
        return (MethodSymbol) sym;
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