Examples of format()

Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.DOICheck.format()

public class DOICheckTest extends TestCase {

  public void testFormat() {
    LayoutFormatter lf = new DOICheck();

    assertEquals("", lf.format(""));
    assertEquals(null, lf.format(null));
    assertEquals("http://dx.doi.org/10.1000/ISBN1-900512-44-0", lf
    assertEquals("http://dx.doi.org/10.1000/ISBN1-900512-44-0", lf
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.HTMLChars.format()

  public void testBasicFormat() {

    LayoutFormatter layout = new HTMLChars();

    assertEquals("", layout.format(""));

    assertEquals("hallo", layout.format("hallo"));

    assertEquals("R�flexions sur le timing de la quantit�", layout
      .format("R�flexions sur le timing de la quantit�"));
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.HTMLParagraphs.format()

  public void testFormat() {
    LayoutFormatter f = new HTMLParagraphs();
    assertEquals("", f.format(""));
    assertEquals("<p>\nHello\n</p>", f.format("Hello"));
    assertEquals("<p>\nHello\nWorld\n</p>", f.format("Hello\nWorld"));
    assertEquals("<p>\nHello World\n</p>\n<p>\nWhat a lovely day\n</p>", f.format("Hello World\n   \nWhat a lovely day\n"));
    assertEquals("<p>\nHello World\n</p>\n<p>\nCould not be any better\n</p>\n<p>\nWhat a lovely day\n</p>", f.format("Hello World\n \n\nCould not be any better\n\nWhat a lovely day\n"));
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.NoSpaceBetweenAbbreviations.format()

      LayoutFormatter f = new CompositeFormat(new AuthorOrgSci(),
        new NoSpaceBetweenAbbreviations());
      LayoutFormatter first = new AuthorOrgSci();
      LayoutFormatter second = new NoSpaceBetweenAbbreviations();
      assertEquals(second.format(first.format("John Flynn and Sabine Gartska")), f.format("John Flynn and Sabine Gartska"));
      assertEquals(second.format(first.format("Sa Makridakis and Sa Ca Wheelwright and Va Ea McGee")), f.format("Sa Makridakis and Sa Ca Wheelwright and Va Ea McGee"));

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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.RTFChars.format()

  public void testBasicFormat() {

    LayoutFormatter layout = new RTFChars();

    assertEquals("", layout.format(""));

    assertEquals("hallo", layout.format("hallo"));

    // We should be able to replace the ? with e
    assertEquals("R\\u233?flexions sur le timing de la quantit\\u233?", layout.format("R�flexions sur le timing de la quantit�"));
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.RemoveTilde.format()

  public void testFormatString() {

    LayoutFormatter l = new RemoveTilde();

    assertEquals("", l.format(""));
    assertEquals("simple", l.format("simple"));
    assertEquals(" ", l.format("~"));
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.ResolvePDF.format()


  public void testFormat() throws URISyntaxException {
    LayoutFormatter pdf = new ResolvePDF();

    assertEquals("", pdf.format(""));
     * Check one that will be found
    String result = pdf.format("Organization Science\\HipKro03 - Hello.pdf");
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.XMLChars.format()

  protected void populateFromBibtex(BibtexEntry bibtex) {
    LayoutFormatter chars = new XMLChars();
    if (bibtex.getField("title") != null) {
        title = chars.format(bibtex.getField("title").toString());
        title = bibtex.getField("title").toString();
    if (bibtex.getField("publisher") != null) {
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Examples of net.sf.jabref.export.layout.format.plugin.NameFormat.format()

  public void testFormatStringStringBibtexEntry() {
    NameFormat l = new NameFormat();
    assertEquals("Doe", l.format("Joe Doe", "1@*@{ll}", null));   
    assertEquals("moremoremoremore", l.format("Joe Doe and Mary Jane and Bruce Bar and Arthur Kay",
      "1@*@{ll}@@2@1..1@{ff}{ll}@2..2@ and {ff}{last}@@*@*@more", null));
    assertEquals("Doe", l.format("Joe Doe",
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Examples of net.sf.jwan.servlet.util.JwanHtmlFormatter.format()

    WanPage complexPage = new WanPage("jWAN Complex Example");
    JwanHtmlFormatter jhf = new JwanHtmlFormatter()
    catch (WanRenderException e) {logger.error(e);}
  public static void main(String args[])
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