Examples of find()

Examples of com.sun.corba.se.spi.oa.ObjectAdapterFactory.find()

        ObjectAdapterId oaid = oktemp.getObjectAdapterId() ;
        ObjectAdapter oa = null ;

        try {
            oa = oaf.find( oaid ) ;
        } catch (SystemException exc) {
            // Could not find the OA, so just return null.
            // This usually happens when POAs are being deleted,
            // and the POA always return null for getLocalServant anyway.
            wrapper.getLocalServantFailure( exc, oaid.toString() ) ;
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Examples of com.sun.enterprise.module.Repository.find()

        Set<Integer> keys = repositories.keySet();
        TreeSet<Integer> sortedKeys = new TreeSet<Integer>();
        for (Integer key : sortedKeys) {
            Repository repo = repositories.get(key);
            ModuleDefinition moduleDef = repo.find(name, version);
            if (moduleDef!=null) {
                return newModule(moduleDef);
        return null;
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Examples of com.sun.star.task.XPasswordContainer.find()

            for (int i = 0; i < iUserNum1; i++) {
                xContainer.remove(sURL, aInputUserList1[i].UserName);
            // get the result and check it with the expected one
            UrlRecord aRecord = xContainer.find(sURL, aMHandler);
            if(!aRecord.Url.equals(sURL)) {
                m_aTestHelper.Error("URL mismatch. Got " + aRecord.Url + "; should be " + sURL);
                return false;
            if(!m_aTestHelper.sameLists(aRecord.UserList, aInputUserList2)) {
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Examples of com.tacitknowledge.flip.spi.ServiceProvider.find()


        packagesToSearch = ArrayUtils.add(packagesToSearch, getClass().getPackage().getName());
        final ServiceProvider serviceProvider = new ServiceProvider(packagesToSearch);

        final List<PropertyReader> propertyReaders = Lists.newArrayList(serviceProvider.find(FlipProperty.class,
        Collections.sort(propertyReaders, new FlipPropertiesPriorityComparator());

        final List<Object> contextProviders = Lists.newArrayList(serviceProvider.find(FlipContext.class));
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Examples of com.teamcenter.rac.kernel.TCComponentItemType.find()

  public static TCComponentItem findItem(String strItemID, String itemType) throws TCException {
    TCSession m_session = (TCSession) AIFDesktop.getActiveDesktop().getCurrentApplication().getSession();
    TCComponentItemType tcItemType = (TCComponentItemType) m_session.getTypeComponent(itemType);
    TCComponentItem item = null;
    if (tcItemType != null)
      item = tcItemType.find(strItemID);
    return item;

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Examples of com.vercer.engine.persist.ObjectDatastore.find()

    B b;
    ds.store(a = new A());
    ds.store(b = new B());
    ds.store(new AB(a, b));

    final AB ab = ds.find().type(AB.class).addFilter("a", Query.FilterOperator.EQUAL,

    if (!ab.b.equals(b))
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Examples of com.vercer.engine.persist.annotation.AnnotationObjectDatastore.find()

    for(int i=0;i<10; i++){
      datastore.store(new Driver(new Car(new Date())));
      datastore.store(new Driver(new Lorry(new Long(50+i))));
    QueryResultIterator<Driver> result = datastore.find().type(Driver.class).fetchNoFields().returnResultsNow();
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Examples of com.volantis.devrep.device.api.xml.hierarchy.Hierarchy.find()

        DefaultDevice device = null;

        // First check in the hierarchy to see if the device exists.
        Hierarchy hierarchy = loadHierarchy();
        final HierarchyEntry entry = hierarchy.find(deviceName);
        if (entry != null) {
            // The device name exists in the hierarchy.

            // Create the device by reading in it's standard and custom
            // polices, and also any device patterns and device TACs.
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Examples of com.volantis.devrep.device.api.xml.identification.Identification.find()

        if (deviceName == null) {
            // iterate throuogh the identification entries
            entriesIter = identification.entries();
        } else {
            // only check one entry
            final IdentificationEntry entry = identification.find(deviceName);
            entriesIter = Collections.singleton(entry).iterator();
        return testDevicePatterns(repository, entriesIter);
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Examples of com.volantis.devrep.device.api.xml.tacidentification.TacIdentification.find()

        // Add the device TACs to the device.
        TacIdentification tacIdentification = loadTacIdentification();
        if (tacIdentification != null) {
            TacIdentificationEntry tacEntry = tacIdentification.find(
            if (tacEntry != null) {
                Set tacSet = convertTacEntryToTacSet(tacEntry);
                if (tacSet.size() != 0) {
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