Examples of exec()

Examples of org.jredis.Sort.exec()

  public List<byte[]> sort(byte[] key, SortParameters params) {
    Sort sort = jredis.sort(JredisUtils.decode(key));
    JredisUtils.applySortingParams(sort, params, null);
    try {
      return sort.exec();
    } catch (Exception ex) {
      throw convertJredisAccessException(ex);
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Examples of org.kde.qt.QApplication.exec()

    main.resize(600, 600);
    main.setCaption("Qt MainWindow");


  static {
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Examples of org.locationtech.udig.omsbox.core.OmsScriptExecutor.exec()

        try {
            OmsScriptExecutor executor = new OmsScriptExecutor();
            String loggerLevelGui = OmsBoxPlugin.getDefault().retrieveSavedLogLevel();
            String ramLevel = String.valueOf(OmsBoxPlugin.getDefault().retrieveSavedHeap());
            Process process = executor.exec(path, internalStream, errorStream, loggerLevelGui, ramLevel);

            File scriptFile = new File(path);
            scriptID = scriptFile.getName() + " " + new DateTime().toString(OmsBoxConstants.dateTimeFormatterYYYYMMDDHHMMSS);
            OmsBoxPlugin.getDefault().addProcess(process, scriptID);
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Examples of org.mozilla.javascript.Script.exec()

    private Object[] compileScript(Context cx, String scriptStr, Scriptable scriptScope, File f) {
        int opt = cx.getOptimizationLevel();
        Script script = cx.compileString(scriptStr, f.getName(), 1, null);
        script.exec(cx, scriptScope);
        Object[] ids = scriptScope.getIds();
        script = cx.compileString(scriptStr, f.getName(), 1, null);
        script.exec(cx, scriptScope);
        return ids;
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Examples of org.ofbiz.minilang.SimpleMethod.exec()

            // run simple method script to get a list of entities
            Document simpleDoc = UtilXml.readXmlDocument(xmlScript);
            Element simpleElem = simpleDoc.getDocumentElement();
            SimpleMethod meth = new SimpleMethod(simpleElem, null, null);
            MethodContext methodContext = new MethodContext(request, response, null);
            meth.exec(methodContext); //Need to check return string
            List<GenericValue> entityList = UtilGenerics.cast(request.getAttribute("entityList"));
            request.setAttribute("entityList", entityList);

        } catch (TemplateException ioe) {
            sendError(response, "Problem handling event");
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Examples of org.ofbiz.minilang.method.MethodOperation.exec()

    public static boolean runSubOps(List methodOperations, MethodContext methodContext) {
        Iterator methodOpsIter = methodOperations.iterator();
        while (methodOpsIter.hasNext()) {
            MethodOperation methodOperation = (MethodOperation) methodOpsIter.next();
            try {
                if (!methodOperation.exec(methodContext)) {
                    return false;
            } catch (Throwable t) {
                String errMsg = "Error in simple-method operation [" + methodOperation.rawString() + "]: " + t.toString();
                Debug.logError(t, errMsg, module);
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Examples of org.ofbiz.minilang.operation.MapProcessor.exec()

        if (processor == null) {
            throw new MiniLangException("Could not find SimpleMapProcessor named " + name + " in XML document resource: " + xmlResource);

        if (processor != null) {
            processor.exec(inMap, results, messages, locale, loader);

    public static void runSimpleMapProcessor(URL xmlURL, String name, Map<String, Object> inMap, Map<String, Object> results, List<Object> messages, Locale locale, ClassLoader loader) throws MiniLangException {
        if (loader == null)
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Examples of org.openquark.cal.machine.CALExecutor.exec()

        EntryPointSpec.make(QualifiedName.make(CALPlatformTestModuleNames.Array_Tests, functionName)), CALPlatformTestModuleNames.Array_Tests, logger);
        CALExecutor executor = calServices.getWorkspaceManager().makeExecutorWithNewContextAndDefaultProperties();

        int[] result = (int[]) executor.exec(entryPoint, new Object[0]);
        int[] expected = new int[]{1,2,3};
        assertEquals(expected.length, result.length);
        for (int i = 0; i < expected.length; i++) {
            assertEquals(expected[i], result[i]);
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Examples of org.opensolaris.opengrok.util.Executor.exec()

            Executor exec = new Executor(argv, directory);
            int status = exec.exec();

            if (status != 0) {
                    "Failed get revision {2} for: \"{0}\" Exit code: {1}",
                    new Object[]{new File(parent, basename).getAbsolutePath(), String.valueOf(status), rev});
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Examples of org.ops4j.exec.DefaultJavaRunner.exec()

        String javaHome = System.getProperty("java.home");
        int port = getFreePort();
        String[] args = new String[] { configClass, Integer.toString(port) };

        // inherit working directory from this process
        javaRunner.exec(vmOptions, classpathElements, PaxExamRuntime.class.getName(), args,
            javaHome, null);

        Map<String, Object> context = getPluginContext();
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