Examples of clone()

Examples of ae.sun.font.FontLineMetrics.clone()

            flm = new FontLineMetrics(0, cm, frc);
            flmref = new SoftReference(flm);

        return (FontLineMetrics)flm.clone();

     * Returns a {@link LineMetrics} object created with the specified
     * <code>String</code> and {@link FontRenderContext}.
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Examples of ar.com.fdvs.dj.domain.Style.clone()

      else if (col.getStyle() != null) {
        //Last resource is to use the column style, but a copy of it because
        //the one in the internal cache can get modified by the layout manager (like in the odd row case)
        Style style = col.getStyle();
        try {
          style = (Style) style.clone();
          style.setName(null); //set to null to make applyStyleToElement(...) assign a name
        } catch (Exception e) {  }
        applyStyleToElement(style, textField);
      else if (defStyle != null)
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Examples of at.bestsolution.efxclipse.styledtext.StyleRange.clone()

  public StyleRange getDefaultStyleRange() {
    StyleRange range= createWindowRelativeRange(fResultWindow, fDefaultRange);
    if (range == null)
      return null;
    return (StyleRange)range.clone();


   * Add the given range to the presentation. The range must be a
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Examples of bibliothek.gui.dock.common.layout.RequestDimension.clone()

            CDockable cdock = ((CommonDockable)dockable).getDockable();
            RequestDimension result = cdock.getAndClearResizeRequest();
            if( result == null )
                return null;
            return result.clone();
        if( dockable instanceof StackDockStation ){
            RequestDimension max = new RequestDimension();
            StackDockStation station = (StackDockStation)dockable;
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Examples of br.com.caelum.vraptor.asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode.clone()

                // Insert this new instantiation into the queue to be emitted
                // later.
            } else {

        // Emit try/catch blocks that are relevant to this method.
        for (Iterator it = tryCatchBlocks.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
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Examples of ca.nengo.model.nef.NEFEnsemble.clone()

  public void testClone() throws StructuralException, CloneNotSupportedException {
    NEFEnsembleFactory ef = new NEFEnsembleFactoryImpl();
    NEFEnsemble ensemble = ef.make("test", 100, 1);
    long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
    System.out.println(System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime);
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    NEFEnsembleImplTest test = new NEFEnsembleImplTest();
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Examples of cc.redberry.core.tensor.Product.clone()

                    is = true;

            } else
        Tensor denominator = is ? first.getDenominator() : new Product(denom.clone(), second.getDenominator());
        Tensor summand1 = is ? first.getNumerator() : new Product(first.getNumerator(), second.getDenominator());
        Tensor summand2 = new Product(second.getNumerator().clone(), denom);
        return new Fraction(new Sum(summand1, summand2), denominator);
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Examples of cc.redberry.core.tensor.Tensor.clone()

                products = newProducts;
            } else
                for (Product product : products)
        if (sumsExists)
            return new Sum(products);
//            return new Sum(products).clone();
        return tensor;
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Examples of cern.jet.random.engine.RandomEngine.clone()

  randomInstance(size,print,new Beta(mean, 1/mean, (RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new Beta(1/mean, mean, (RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new Uniform((RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new Poisson(mean,(RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new PoissonSlow(mean,(RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new Poisson(3.0,(RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
  randomInstance(size,print,new PoissonSlow(3.0,(RandomEngine)gen.clone()));
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Examples of ch.hortis.sonar.service.MeasureKey.clone()

      List<ProjectMeasure> measures = (List<ProjectMeasure>) entry.getValue();
      List<Double> values = getValues(measures);
      TendencyAnalyser analyser = new TendencyAnalyser(values, MAX_DAYS);
      Number[] slopeAndLevel = getSlopeAndLevel(analyser, key.getMetric());
      if (slopeAndLevel[0] != null && slopeAndLevel[1]!=null) {
        module.createTendency(((MeasureKey) key.clone()), (Double) slopeAndLevel[0], (Integer) slopeAndLevel[1], MAX_DAYS);

  protected Number[] getSlopeAndLevel(TendencyAnalyser analyser, Metric metric) {
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