Examples of Time

  • com.bj58.spat.gaea.server.performance.commandhelper.Time
    @author Service Platform Architecture Team (spat@58.com)
  • com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.Time
    ModelData instance used with TimeField. @see TimeField
  • com.garbagemule.MobArena.time.Time
  • com.google.jstestdriver.Time
    @author jeremiele@google.com (Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann)
  • com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.handler.usercommandhandlers.Time
  • com.sforce.ws.types.Time
  • com.sonymobile.tools.gerrit.gerritevents.watchdog.WatchTimeExceptionData.Time
  • com.sun.star.util.Time
  • com.volantis.shared.time.Time
    A representation of a instant in time.

    This has an accuracy of milliseconds.

    @deprecated Use similar class in com.volantis.openapi.shared.time
  • config.Time
  • de.maramuse.soundcomp.process.Time
  • ehistory.server.api.model.Time
    Time points out some exact moment that happened somewhen between "from" and "to" time stamps.
  • games.stendhal.client.sound.system.Time
    A time class that helps converting different time units to and from samples per sample rate

    internally this class will calculate in nanosecond resolution only @author silvio

  • java.sql.Time
    Java representation of an SQL TIME value. Provides functions to aid generation and interpretation of JDBC escape format for time values.
  • javax.media.Time
    sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/2.1.1/apidocs/javax/media/Time.html" target="_blank">this class in the JMF Javadoc. Complete. @author Ken Larson
  • jsky.science.Time
    Time, an object to manage quantities of Time. This is not Time of Day based (see Java Calendar class for that stuff), but rather amounts of Time.

    Currently support units are: SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY

    This code was developed by NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 587 for the Scientist's Expert Assistant (SEA) project for Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST). @version 5.29.99 @author Sandy Grosvenor

  • lineage2.gameserver.handler.usercommands.impl.Time
    @author Mobius @version $Revision: 1.0 $
  • name.pehl.karaka.server.activity.entity.Time
    time.sourceforge.net/">Joda Time and a distinct time zone to compute the values. If no time zone is given the default time zone of the JVM is used (which is not recommended!). @author $Author: harald.pehl $ @version $Date: 2010-12-17 16:10:26 +0100 (Fr, 17. Dez 2010) $ $Revision: 136$
  • name.pehl.karaka.shared.model.Time
    @author $LastChangedBy:$ @version $LastChangedRevision:$
  • net.pms.dlna.Range.Time
  • net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.usercommandhandlers.Time
  • org.apache.axis.types.Time
    Class that represents the xsd:time XML Schema type
  • org.apache.axis2.databinding.types.Time
    Class that represents the xsd:time XML Schema type
  • org.apache.camel.util.Time
    A helper class for working with times in various units @version $Revision: $
  • org.apache.geronimo.crypto.asn1.x509.Time
  • org.apache.geronimo.util.asn1.x509.Time
  • org.apache.giraph.time.Time
    Interface for handling Time related operations so that they can be mocked for testing.
  • org.apache.isis.applib.value.Time
    Value object representing a time value.

    TODO: other methods to implement:

  • org.apache.pivot.util.Time
    Class representing a time of day, independent of any particular time zone.
  • org.apache.sqoop.schema.type.Time
    Time (hours, minutes, seconds). JDBC Types: time
  • org.apache.wicket.util.time.Time
    An immutable Time class that represents a specific point in time. The underlying representation is a long value which holds a number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 0:00 GMT. To represent a duration of time, such as "6 seconds", use the Duration class. To represent a time period with a start and end time, use the TimeFrame class. To represent a time of day, use the TimeOfDay class. @author Jonathan Locke @since 1.2.6
  • org.boris.expr.function.excel.TIME
  • org.bouncycastle.asn1.cms.Time
  • org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509.Time
  • org.cleartk.timeml.type.Time
  • org.exolab.castor.types.Time
    Describes an XML schema Time.

    The format is defined by W3C XML Schema Recommendation and ISO8601 i.e hh:mm:ss.sss(Z|(+|-)hh:mm)

    Deep support of fractional seconds is not implemented. This implementation only supports fractional second resolution of milliseconds. @author Arnaud Blandin @author Edward Kuns @version $Revision: 7289 $ @see DateTimeBase

  • org.gwtoolbox.commons.types.client.Time
    @author Uri Boness
  • org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.Time
    est the time from a remote user. Time timeRequest = new Time(); timeRequest.setType(IQ.Type.GET); timeRequest.setTo(someUser@example.com/resource); // Create a packet collector to listen for a response. PacketCollector collector = con.createPacketCollector( new PacketIDFilter(timeRequest.getPacketID())); con.sendPacket(timeRequest); // Wait up to 5 seconds for a result. IQ result = (IQ)collector.nextResult(5000); if (result != null && result.getType() == IQ.Type.RESULT) { Time timeResult = (Time)result; // Do something with result... }

    Warning: this is an non-standard protocol documented by XEP-0090. Because this is a non-standard protocol, it is subject to change. @author Matt Tucker

  • org.jnode.net.nfs.nfs2.Time
  • org.jscience.geography.coordinates.Time
  • org.jugile.util.Time
    "Blessed be Jahwe the God of Israel, from eternity and to eternity!" (1. Chronicles. 16:36) From Eternity to Eternity - there is an arc - Time. ========== Simpler wrapper for java time handling objects. Currently uses date as internal representation but will be replaced with Calendar if needed. @author jukka.rahkonen@iki.fi
  • org.milyn.javabean.context.preinstalled.Time
    Pre-installed Time bean.

    Installed under beanId "PTIME". @author tom.fennelly@gmail.com

  • org.openquark.util.time.Time
    Class Time This class is an Abstract Data Type that represents a point in real-world time. As an ADT it is immutable. This also has benefits for its use in CAL. An instance represents a point in time that is a certain number of ticks before or after the base time. The base time is 00:00:00 UTC 1 Jan 1970. A tick is 100 ns. Using a 64-bit counter, this gives a range of +/-29,000 years. The type is meant to be portable to other languages & environments. In particular, it can be easily ported to C#/.NET.
  • org.rometools.feed.module.mediarss.types.Time
    etf.org/rfc/rfc2326.txt">RFC 2326 3.6 Normal Play Time timestamp. @author cooper
  • org.sonatype.sisu.goodies.common.Time
  • org.tehuti.utils.Time
  • org.tomighty.time.Time
  • org.wildfly.clustering.ejb.Time
    Specifies a time duration. @author Paul Ferraro
  • org.wildfly.clustering.web.infinispan.session.Time
    Struct for specifying a time duration. @author Paul Ferraro
  • pt.opensoft.util.Time
  • ptolemy.actor.util.Time

    This class implements the Comparable interface, where two time objects can be compared in the following way. If any of the two time objects contains an infinite time value, the rules are: a negative infinity is equal to a negative infinity and less than anything else; a positive infinity is equal to a positive infinity and bigger than anything else. If none of the time objects has an infinite time value, the time values of two time objects are compared. If the time values are the same, the two time objects are treated equal, or they represent the same model time. Otherwise, the time object containing a bigger time value is regarded to happen after the time object with a smaller time value.

    All time objects share the same time resolution, which is provided by the top-level director. In some domains, such as CT and DE, users can change the time resolution by configuring the timeResolution parameter. The default value for this parameter "1E-10", which has value 10 -10 . To preserve the consistency of time values, timeResolution can not be changed when a model is running (attempting to do so will trigger an exception). @author Haiyang Zheng, Edward A. Lee, Elaine Cheong @version $Id: Time.java,v 1.52 2007/12/07 06:26:47 cxh Exp $ @since Ptolemy II 4.1 @Pt.ProposedRating Yellow (hyzheng) @Pt.AcceptedRating Red (hyzheng)

  • railo.runtime.type.dt.Time
    time interface
  • simpleserver.Time
  • support.Time
  • test.wsdl.types.comprehensive_types.Time
  • winterwell.utils.time.Time
    A simple immutable alternative to the built-in mess of Date. This just holds a UTC millisecond count. It cannot be edited, but provides convenient methods for creating new Time objects.

    Rationale: Date is a booby-trapped mess (years that gain and lose 1900 depending on the method?!, mixed zero-indexed and one-indexed properties?!, etc.). {@link GregorianCalendar} isn't too bad, but it is kind of heavyweightfor many uses.

    In places, this class uses Calendar - which is always the {@link GregorianCalendar} with GMT (i.e. no daylight savings are applied!)and 24 hour clock (ie. it uses {@link Calendar#HOUR_OF_DAY}). If you need locale-specific calendar support, you should provide this yourself.

    Can be sorted - sorts as earliest Time first. @testedby {@link TimeTest} @author daniel

  • Examples of ch.njol.skript.util.Time

      protected Time[] get(final Event e, final World[] source) {
        return get(source, new Getter<Time, World>() {
          public Time get(final World w) {
            return new Time((int) w.getTime());
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    Examples of com.addthis.codec.annotations.Time

                return config.getNumber(fieldName).floatValue();
            } else if ((type == Double.class) || (type == double.class)) {
                return config.getDouble(fieldName);

            Time time = fieldInfo.getField().getAnnotation(Time.class);
            Long asLong;
            if (time != null) {
                asLong = config.getDuration(fieldName, time.value());
            } else if (fieldInfo.getField().getAnnotation(Bytes.class) != null) {
                asLong = config.getBytes(fieldName);
            } else {
                asLong = config.getLong(fieldName);
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    Examples of com.barchart.util.value.api.Time


      public final boolean equals(final Object thatTime) {
        if (thatTime instanceof Time) {
          final Time that = (Time) thatTime;
          return this.compareTo(that) == 0;
        return false;
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    Examples of com.bj58.spat.gaea.server.performance.commandhelper.Time

    public class TimeTest {

      public void testCreateCommand() {
        Time time = new Time();
        Command command1 = time.createCommand("time|grep abc|group 10|column -kd");
        assertEquals(CommandType.Time, command1.getCommandType());
        assertEquals("abc", command1.getGrep().get(0));
        assertEquals(ShowColumn.Key, command1.getColumnList().get(0));
        assertEquals(ShowColumn.Description, command1.getColumnList().get(1));
        assertEquals(2, command1.getColumnList().size());
        assertEquals(10, command1.getGroup());
        Command command2 = time.createCommand("time|grep 123");
        assertEquals(CommandType.Time, command2.getCommandType());
        assertEquals("123", command2.getGrep().get(0));
        assertEquals(ShowColumn.All, command2.getColumnList().get(0));
        assertEquals(1, command2.getColumnList().size());
        assertEquals(0, command2.getGroup());
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    Examples of com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.Time

      protected Object onConvertFieldValue(Object value) {
        if (value == null) {
          return null;
        Time time = (Time) value;
        return time.getDate();
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    Examples of com.garbagemule.MobArena.time.Time

            this.startDelayTimer = new StartDelayTimer(this, autoStartTimer);

            this.isolatedChat  = settings.getBoolean("isolated-chat", false);
            String timeString = settings.getString("player-time-in-arena", "world");
            Time time = Enums.getEnumFromString(Time.class, timeString);
            this.timeStrategy = (time != null ? new TimeStrategyLocked(time) : new TimeStrategyNull());
            // Scoreboards
            this.scoreboard = (settings.getBoolean("use-scoreboards", true) ? new ScoreboardManager(this) : new NullScoreboardManager(this));
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    Examples of com.google.jstestdriver.Time


        SlaveBrowser slave = new SlaveBrowser(new Time() {
          int i = 0;

          public Instant now() {
            i += 100;
            return new Instant(i);
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    Examples of com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.handler.usercommandhandlers.Time

      private UserCommandHandler()
        _datatable = new FastMap<Integer, IUserCommandHandler>();
        registerUserCommandHandler(new Time());
        registerUserCommandHandler(new OlympiadStat());
        registerUserCommandHandler(new ChannelLeave());
        registerUserCommandHandler(new ChannelDelete());
        registerUserCommandHandler(new ChannelListUpdate());
        registerUserCommandHandler(new ClanPenalty());
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    Examples of com.sforce.ws.types.Time

            List<Object> results = em.createQuery(query).getResultList();
            assertEquals(results.get(0).getClass(), Time.class, "Unexpected return type for query: " + query);
            Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT"));
            assertEquals(results.get(0), new Time(cal), "Unexpected return value for query: " + query);
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    Examples of com.sonymobile.tools.gerrit.gerritevents.watchdog.WatchTimeExceptionData.Time

        private WatchTimeExceptionData addWatchTimeExceptionData(WatchTimeExceptionData data) {
            if (data != null) {
                int[] daysAsInt = data.getDaysOfWeek();
                List<TimeSpan> exceptionTimes = new LinkedList<TimeSpan>();
                for (TimeSpan s : data.getTimesOfDay()) {
                    Time newFromTime = new Time(s.getFrom().getHour(), s.getFrom().getMinute());
                    Time newToTime = new Time(s.getTo().getHour(), s.getTo().getMinute());
                    exceptionTimes.add(new TimeSpan(newFromTime, newToTime));
                return new WatchTimeExceptionData(daysAsInt, exceptionTimes);
            } else {
                return null;
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