Examples of Text

Per RFC4287:

 A Text construct contains human-readable text, usually in small quantities.  The content of Text constructs is Language-Sensitive. atomPlainTextConstruct = atomCommonAttributes, attribute type { "text" | "html" }?, text atomXHTMLTextConstruct = atomCommonAttributes, attribute type { "xhtml" }, xhtmlDiv atomTextConstruct = atomPlainTextConstruct | atomXHTMLTextConstruct 
  • org.apache.axis.message.Text
    A representation of a node whose value is text. A Text object may represent text that is content or text that is a comment. @author Davanum Srinivas (dims@yahoo.com)
  • org.apache.hadoop.io.Text
    This class stores text using standard UTF8 encoding. It provides methods to serialize, deserialize, and compare texts at byte level. The type of length is integer and is serialized using zero-compressed format.

    In addition, it provides methods for string traversal without converting the byte array to a string.

    Also includes utilities for serializing/deserialing a string, coding/decoding a string, checking if a byte array contains valid UTF8 code, calculating the length of an encoded string.

  • org.apache.isis.viewer.dnd.drawing.Text
  • org.apache.lenya.notification.Text
    A translatable text with optional i18n parameters.
  • org.apache.openejb.jee.Text
    @version $Revision: 450758 $ $Date: 2006-09-28 03:40:18 -0500 (Thu, 28 Sep 2006) $
  • org.apache.pivot.wtk.media.drawing.Text
    Shape representing a block of text.
  • org.apache.sqoop.schema.type.Text
    String. JDBC Types: char, varchar, nchar, clob
  • org.apache.stanbol.entityhub.servicesapi.model.Text
    Defines a natural language text in a given language.

    The text MUST NOT be null nor an empty {@link String}. The language may be null (indicating the default language) or any kind of value. It is recommended to use ISO 639-1 codes (two Letter codes). By definition it is also allowed to use empty strings as language. However implementations of this interface are free to convert the empty language to null.

    Implementations of that interface MUST BE immutable @author Rupert Westenthaler

  • org.apache.struts2.components.Text
    Render a I18n text message.

    The message must be in a resource bundle with the same name as the action that it is associated with. In practice this means that you should create a properties file in the same package as your Java class with the same name as your class, but with .properties extension.

    If the named message is not found in a property file, then the body of the tag will be used as default message. If no body is used, then the stack will be searched, and if a value is returned, it will written to the output. If no value is found on the stack, the key of the message will be written out.


      Accessing messages from a given bundle (the i18n Shop example bundle in the first example) and using bundle defined through the framework in the second example.

      <!-- First Example --> <s:i18n name="struts.action.test.i18n.Shop"> <s:text name="main.title"/> </s:i18n> <!-- Second Example --> <s:text name="main.title" /> <!-- Third Examlpe --> <s:text name="i18n.label.greetings"> <s:param >Mr Smith</s:param> </s:text>  
      <-- Fourth Example --> <s:text name="some.key" /> <-- Fifth Example --> <s:text name="some.invalid.key" > The Default Message That Will Be Displayed </s:text>  
    @see Param
  • org.atomojo.app.client.Text
    @author alex
  • org.beangle.struts2.view.components.Text
  • org.boris.expr.function.excel.TEXT
  • org.castor.xmlctf.xmldiff.xml.nodes.Text
    A class representing an XML Text node. @author Edward Kuns @version $Revision: 0000 $ $Date: 2007-01-11 00:00:00 -0600 (Thu, 11 Jan 2007) $ @since Castor 1.1
  • org.dbpedia.spotlight.model.Text
  • org.docx4j.wml.Text
    as.openxmlformats.org/wordprocessingml/2006/main>ST_String"> <attribute ref="{http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace}space"/> </extension> </simpleContent> </complexType>
  • org.dom4j.Text

    Text defines an XML Text node.

    @author James Strachan @version $Revision: 1.7 $
  • org.drools.guvnor.server.files.Response.Text
  • org.drools.repository.remoteapi.Response.Text
  • org.dspace.app.xmlui.wing.element.Text
  • org.eclipse.graphiti.mm.algorithms.Text
  • org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Text
    ipse.org/swt/snippets/#text">Text snippets @see SWT Example: ControlExample @see Sample code and further information @noextend This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
  • org.elasticsearch.common.text.Text
    Text represents a (usually) long text data. We use this abstraction instead of {@link String}so we can represent it in a more optimized manner in memory as well as serializing it over the network as well as converting it to json format.
  • org.exist.xslt.expression.Text
    @author Dmitriy Shabanov
  • org.exoplatform.commons.utils.Text
    Represents text that can have several internal representations in order to minimize serialization when it is possible. The bytes returned by the byte oriented method must returned the data encoded with the UTF-8 encoding. @author Julien Viet @version $Revision$
  • org.geomajas.gwt.client.gfx.paintable.Text

    Paintable definition for drawing text onto a GraphicsWidget.

    @author Pieter De Graef
  • org.geotools.xml.Text
    Represents text encountered in the parse tree. @author Justin Deoliveira, OpenGeo @source $URL$
  • org.gwtbootstrap3.client.ui.html.Text
    Simple text node.

    UiBinder example

     {@code  ... }
    @author Sven Jacobs
  • org.hibernate.search.annotations.Text
  • org.htmlparser.Text
    This interface represents a piece of the content of the HTML document.
  • org.jdom.Text
    Character-based XML content. Provides a modular, parentable method of representing text. Text makes no guarantees about the underlying textual representation of character data, but does expose that data as a Java String. @version $Revision: 1.25 $, $Date: 2007/11/10 05:28:59 $ @author Brett McLaughlin @author Jason Hunter @author Bradley S. Huffman
  • org.jdom2.Text
    The FeatureCacheGraphicList is an extended OMGraphicList that knows what types of VPF features it holds. This allows it to be able to use a VPFFeatureGraphicWarehouse to set the proper DrawingAttributes on its contents.
  • org.openhab.model.sitemap.Text
  • org.openqreg.bean.Text
    This is the attributes class for the TEXT table.
  • org.pdfclown.documents.contents.objects.Text
    fanochizzolini.it) @since 0.0.4 @version 0.1.0
  • org.restlet.ext.atom.Text
    A Text construct contains human-readable text, usually in small quantities. The content of Text constructs is Language-Sensitive. @author Jerome Louvel
  • org.rometools.feed.module.mediarss.types.Text

    Allows the inclusion of a text transcript, closed captioning, or lyrics of the media content. Many of these elements are permitted to provide a time series of text. In such cases, it is encouraged, but not required, that the elements be grouped by language and appear in time sequence order based on the start time. Elements can have overlapping start and end times. It has 4 optional attributes.

            <media:text type="plain" lang="en" start="00:00:03.000" end="00:00:10.000"> Oh, say, can you see</media:text> <media:text type="plain" lang="en" start="00:00:10.000" end="00:00:17.000">By the dawn's early light</media:text> 

    type specifies the type of text embedded. Possible values are either 'plain' or 'html'. Default value is 'plain'. All html must be entity-encoded. It is an optional attribute.

    lang is the primary language encapsulated in the media object. Language codes possible are detailed in RFC 3066. This attribute is used similar to the xml:lang attribute detailed in the XML 1.0 Specification (Third Edition). It is an optional attribute.

    start specifies the start time offset that the text starts being relevant to the media object. An example of this would be for closed captioning. It uses the NTP time code format (see: the time attribute used in <media:thumbnail>). It is an optional attribute.

    end specifies the end time that the text is relevant. If this attribute is not provided, and a start time is used, it is expected that the end time is either the end of the clip or the start of the next <media:text> element.

    @author cooper
  • org.thymeleaf.dom.Text

    A Text node in a Thymeleaf DOM tree.

    @author Daniel Fernández @since 2.0.0
  • org.vaadin.gwtgraphics.client.shape.Text
    Embed text into DrawingArea. @author Henri Kerola / IT Mill Ltd
  • org.w3c.dom.Text
    The Text interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the textual content (termed character data in XML) of an Element or Attr . If there is no markup inside an element's content, the text is contained in a single object implementing the Text interface that is the only child of the element. If there is markup, it is parsed into the information items (elements, comments, etc.) and Text nodes that form the list of children of the element.

    When a document is first made available via the DOM, there is only one Text node for each block of text. Users may create adjacent Text nodes that represent the contents of a given element without any intervening markup, but should be aware that there is no way to represent the separations between these nodes in XML or HTML, so they will not (in general) persist between DOM editing sessions. The normalize() method on Element merges any such adjacent Text objects into a single node for each block of text.

  • org.waveprotocol.wave.model.document.raw.impl.Text
    Mimics a DOM Text node.
  • org.zkoss.openlayers.layer.Text
    @author jumperchen
  • palmed.edit.text.Text
    This class handles the text. @author Mathieu Champlon @version $Revision$ $Date$
  • quickfix.field.Text
  • redis.seek.Text
  • rtype.entity.Text
  • seph.lang.Text
    @author Ola Bini
  • stephencarmody.k8.text.Text
  • yarfraw.core.datamodel.Text

  • Examples of Ocarina2D.TextEngine.Text

            magicHolder = new Sprite("Resources/Sprites/HUD/magicholder.png"); addFrame(magicHolder);
            magic = new Sprite("Resources/Sprites/HUD/magicbit.png"); addFrame(magic);

            itemholder = new Sprite("Resources/Sprites/HUD/itemholder.png");    addFrame(itemholder);
            actionText = new Text(GlobalVariables.action,true);

            position.x = 200;
            position.y = 5;
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    Examples of ag.ion.bion.officelayer.internal.text.Text

      private String text;
      private Text textAdaptee;

      public ShapeText(XText text) throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException {
        textAdaptee = new Text(new DummyTextDocument(), text);
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    Examples of br.eti.kinoshita.tap4j.model.Text

          this.extractFooter( matcher );
        // Any text. It should not be parsed by the consumer.
        final Text text = new Text( tapLine );
        this.tapLines.add( text );
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    Examples of ca.nengo.ui.lib.world.piccolo.primitives.Text

       *            Action to execute when the button is pressed
      public TextButton(String textLabel, Runnable action) {

        myTextNode = new Text("");
        myTextNode.setOffset(BORDER_WIDTH, BORDER_HEIGHT);

        frame = Path.createRectangle(0, 0, 100, 100);
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    Examples of civquest.util.swing.Text

        this.pos = pos;

      public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
        Text text = new Text(g, 10, 0);
        if (pos == null) {
          text.writeAfterNewLine("No working field");
        } else {
          text.writeAfterNewLine("Information about working field ("
                       + pos.x + "," + pos.y + ")");

          drawHeightLevel(text, pos);
          drawVegetation(text, pos);
          drawTemperature(text, pos);
          drawHumidity(text, pos);
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    Examples of com.alibaba.citrus.util.templatelite.Template.Text

                assertThat(e, exception("Could not import template file \"def.htm\" at ", "Line 3 Column 6"));

        private void assertText(String text, Node node) {
            Text t = (Text) node;

            assertEquals(text, t.text);

            String str = t.toString();

            assertThat(str, containsAll("Text with ", "characters: "));
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    Examples of com.caucho.xmpp.im.Text

              Value subjectValue = iterator.next();

              if (! subjectValue.isString())
                return env.error("subject values must be strings");

              subjects[i++] = new Text(subjectValue.toString());
          else if (subject.isString()) {
            if (! subject.isString())
              return env.error("subject values must be strings");

            subjects = new Text[] { new Text(subject.toString()) };

        // extract body text
        Text[] bodies = null;

        if (body.isArray()) {
          bodies = new Text[body.getSize()];

          int i = 0;
          Iterator<Value> iterator = body.getValueIterator(env);

          while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            Value bodyValue = iterator.next();

            if (! bodyValue.isString())
              return env.error("body values must be strings");

            bodies[i++] = new Text(bodyValue.toString());
        else if (body.isString()) {
          if (! body.isString())
            return env.error("body values must be strings");

          bodies = new Text[] { new Text(body.toString()) };

        ImMessage message = new ImMessage(to, from, type,
                                          subjects, bodies, thread, extras);
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    Examples of com.cburch.draw.shapes.Text

      public void mousePressed(Canvas canvas, MouseEvent e) {
        if (curText != null) {

        Text clicked = null;
        boolean found = false;
        int mx = e.getX();
        int my = e.getY();
        Location mloc = Location.create(mx, my);
        for (CanvasObject o : canvas.getModel().getObjectsFromTop()) {
          if (o instanceof Text && o.contains(mloc, true)) {
            clicked = (Text) o;
            found = true;
        if (!found) {
          clicked = attrs.applyTo(new Text(mx, my, ""));

        curText = clicked;
        curCanvas = canvas;
        isTextNew = !found;
        clicked.getLabel().configureTextField(field, canvas.getZoomFactor());

        Point fieldLoc = field.getLocation();
        double zoom = canvas.getZoomFactor();
        fieldLoc.x = (int) Math.round(mx * zoom - fieldLoc.x);
        fieldLoc.y = (int) Math.round(my * zoom - fieldLoc.y);
        int caret = field.viewToModel(fieldLoc);
        if (caret >= 0) {
        canvas.getSelection().setSelected(clicked, true);
        canvas.getSelection().setHidden(Collections.singleton(clicked), true);
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    Examples of com.codeborne.selenide.conditions.Text

       * <p>NB! Ignores multiple whitespaces between words</p>
       * @param text expected text of HTML element
      public static Condition text(final String text) {
        return new Text(text);
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    Examples of com.eclipsesource.jshint.Text

        return jshint;

      private void check( IFile file ) throws CoreException {
        Text code = readContent( file );
        ProblemHandler handler = new MarkerHandler( new MarkerAdapter( file ), code );
        try {
          checker.check( code, handler );
        } catch( CoreExceptionWrapper wrapper ) {
          throw (CoreException)wrapper.getCause();
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