Examples of Project

Examples of ClassicalB.Project


    MapToBModel map2b = new MapToBModel();
    Project p = map2b.create(sysmlModel);
    MapToText map2t = new MapToText();
    map2t.create(p, project);
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Examples of aQute.bnd.build.Project

    protected ISourceContainer[] createSourceContainers() throws CoreException {
        List<ISourceContainer> result = new LinkedList<ISourceContainer>();

        ILaunchConfiguration config = getLaunchConfiguration();
        Project project = LaunchUtils.getBndProject(config);
        if (project != null) {
            try {
                Collection<Container> runbundles = project.getRunbundles();
                for (Container runbundle : runbundles) {
                    if (runbundle.getType() == TYPE.PROJECT) {
                        String targetProjName = runbundle.getProject().getName();
                        IProject targetProj = ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot().getProject(targetProjName);
                        if (targetProj != null) {
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Examples of ass.Project


    Vector<Resource> res = new Vector<Resource>();

    Vector<Integer> dependenciesOfP2 = new Vector<Integer>();
    this.p1 = new Project(i, j, "gui", "man", projectDependenciesList, res, this.b);
    this.p2 = new Project(k, w, "system", "Gal", dependenciesOfP2, res, this.b);
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Examples of at.bestsolution.efxclipse.tooling.rrobot.model.task.Project

        T result = caseRobotTask(robotTask);
        if (result == null) result = defaultCase(theEObject);
        return result;
      case TaskPackage.PROJECT: {
        Project project = (Project)theEObject;
        T result = caseProject(project);
        if (result == null) result = defaultCase(theEObject);
        return result;
      case TaskPackage.RESOURCE: {
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Examples of bear.annotations.Project

        Preconditions.checkNotNull(defaultDeployment, "deployment is not present, you need to set BearProject.defaultDeployment field");
        return self();

    private void setProjectVars() {
        Project projectAnn = getClass().getAnnotation(Project.class);

        setAnnotation(bear.fullName, projectAnn.name());
        setAnnotation(bear.name, projectAnn.shortName());
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Examples of ch.bsgroup.scrumit.domain.Project

  @RequestMapping(value="allprojects/", method=RequestMethod.GET)
  public @ResponseBody List<SerializableProject> getAllProjects() {
    Set<Project> projects = this.projectService.getAllProjects();
    List<SerializableProject> serializedProjects = new ArrayList<SerializableProject>();
    for (Iterator<Project> iterator = projects.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
      Project p = iterator.next();
      SerializableProject sp = new SerializableProject(p.getId(), p.getName());
    return serializedProjects;
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Examples of classes.Project

    if (dlg.getAnswer() == JOptionPane.OK_OPTION) {
      try {

        // Create the project
        Project newProject = new Project(dlg.getProjectPath(), dlg.getMapFile());

        // Notify any registered listeners that the project has changed
      } catch (Exception e) {
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(this, "An error occured while creating the project", "Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
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Examples of cn.edu.pku.dr.requirement.elicitation.data.Project

import elicitation.utils.Utils;

public class ProjectAction extends SingleDataAction {
  public void showFeatureModel() throws EasyJException,SQLException{
    System.out.println("Come into ProjectAction#showFeatureModel()");
    Project project = (Project)object;
    // 从context 中取出 project 的id .
    SysUserCache userCache = (SysUserCache) request.getSession()
    Long id = userCache.getContext().getProjectId();
    project = (Project)dp.get(project);
    Long domainId = project.getDomainId()
    returnMessage +=
    "<div align=center><applet code=\"applet.MainApplet\" archive =\"jars/FMTool_Web.jar,"+
    "jars/swing-layout.jar, jars/swing-worker.jar, " +
    "jars/swingx-0.9.4.jar,   jars/swingx.jar,   " +
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Examples of com.agilebooster.data.entity.Project

        productOwner = new User("ProductOwner@agilebooster.fr", "Forename", "Last Name", "password", true);
        productOwner = userController.create(productOwner);

        projectController = new ProjectController();
        Date date = new Date();
        project = new Project("Test Sprint ", "TST", "Project Sprint test.", date, "http://www.testSprint.com", "http://www.Sprint.git", scrumMaster, productOwner);
        project = projectController.create(project);

        releaseController = new ReleaseController();
        release = new Release("Release Test Sprint", date, date, true, project);
        release = releaseController.create(release);
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Examples of com.android.tools.lint.detector.api.Project


    private void registerProjectFile(Map<File, Project> fileToProject, File file,
            File projectDir, File rootDir) {
        Project project = fileToProject.get(projectDir);
        if (project == null) {
            project = new Project(mClient, projectDir, rootDir);
        fileToProject.put(file, project);
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