Examples of HashMap

Examples of com.cumulocity.me.lang.HashMap

    public ExternalIDRepresentation getExternalId(ID extId) throws SDKException {
        if (extId == null || extId.getValue() == null || extId.getType() == null) {
            throw new SDKException("XtId without value/type or null");

        Map filter = new HashMap();
        filter.put(TYPE, extId.getType());
        filter.put(EXTERNAL_ID, extId.getValue());
        String extIdUrl = templateUrlParser.replacePlaceholdersWithParams(getIdentityRepresentation().getExternalId(), filter);
        return (ExternalIDRepresentation) restConnector.get(extIdUrl, IdentityMediaType.EXTERNAL_ID, ExternalIDRepresentation.class);
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Examples of com.google.gwt.dev.util.collect.HashMap

public FieldBinding addSyntheticFieldForInnerclass(LocalVariableBinding actualOuterLocalVariable) {
  if (this.synthetics == null)
    this.synthetics = new HashMap[MAX_SYNTHETICS];
  if (this.synthetics[SourceTypeBinding.FIELD_EMUL] == null)
    this.synthetics[SourceTypeBinding.FIELD_EMUL] = new HashMap();
  FieldBinding synthField = (FieldBinding) this.synthetics[SourceTypeBinding.FIELD_EMUL].get(actualOuterLocalVariable);
  if (synthField == null) {
    synthField = new SyntheticFieldBinding(
      CharOperation.concat(TypeConstants.SYNTHETIC_OUTER_LOCAL_PREFIX, actualOuterLocalVariable.name),
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Examples of jade.util.leap.HashMap

    //private Map agents = new HashMap(MAP_SIZE, MAP_LOAD_FACTOR);
    private Map agents;
    public LADT(int size) {
      agents = new HashMap(size);
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

    private Map getAccessMap(QueryMetadataInterface metadata,
                             CapabilitiesFinder capFinder,
                             JoinRegion joinRegion) throws QueryMetadataException,
                                                   TeiidComponentException {
        Map accessMap = new HashMap();
        for (PlanNode node : joinRegion.getJoinSourceNodes().values()) {
            /* check to see if we are directly over an access node.  in the event that the join source root
             * looks like select->access, we still won't consider this node for pushing
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

            case '<':
                int theNextByte = is.read();
                if( theNextByte == '<' )
                    Map result = new HashMap();
                    //we are reading a dictionary
                    Object key = parseNextToken( is );
                    while( key instanceof LiteralName && key != MARK_END_OF_DICTIONARY )
                        Object value = parseNextToken( is );
                        result.put( ((LiteralName)key).name, value );
                        key = parseNextToken( is );
                    retval = result;
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

    static class SourceFixer extends MappingVisitor{
        public void visit(MappingSourceNode sourceNode) {
            ResultSetInfo info = getResultInfo(sourceNode.getResultName());
            Map symbolMap = new HashMap();
            for (Iterator i = info.getCommand().getProjectedSymbols().iterator(); i.hasNext();) {
                ElementSymbol element = (ElementSymbol)i.next();
                symbolMap.put(element, element);
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

* @param parameters a list of parameters
public ParamAskWin(Frame parent, List parameters) {
    super(parent, I18N.get("ParamAskWin.title"), true); // Modal
    this.parameters = parameters;
    createdInquisitors = new HashMap();
    selectedParameter = null;
    questionList.setSelectedIndex(0); // Select first question
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

            Arrays.asList(new Object[] { "a" })//$NON-NLS-1$
            Arrays.asList(new Object[] { "b" }) }; //$NON-NLS-1$

        FakeDataManager dataMgr = new FakeDataManager();
        Map valueMap = new HashMap();
        valueMap.put("1", "a"); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
        valueMap.put("2", "b"); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
        dataMgr.defineCodeTable("pm1.g1", "e1", "e2", valueMap); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$ //$NON-NLS-3$
        helpTestProject(projectElements, data, elements, expected, dataMgr);       
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

            Arrays.asList(new Object[] { new Integer(4), new Integer(5) })   

        dataMgr = new FakeDataManager();
        Map valueMap = new HashMap();
        valueMap.put(new Integer(1), new Integer(2));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(2), new Integer(3));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(3), new Integer(4));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(4), new Integer(5));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(5), new Integer(6));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(10), new Integer(7));
        valueMap.put(new Integer(11), new Integer(8));
        dataMgr.defineCodeTable("pm1.g1", "e1", "e2", valueMap);         //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$ //$NON-NLS-3$
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Examples of java.util.HashMap

        if (getTemporaryMetadata() != null){
            copy.setTemporaryMetadata(new HashMap(getTemporaryMetadata()));
        copy.callableName = callableName;
        copy.calledWithReturn = calledWithReturn;
        List<SPParameter> params = getParameters();
        for(int i=0; i<params.size(); i++) {
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