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package com.knowgate.projtrack;

import java.sql.PreparedStatement;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;

import com.knowgate.jdc.JDCConnection;
import com.knowgate.dataobjs.DB;
import com.knowgate.dataobjs.DBBind;
import com.knowgate.dataobjs.DBCommand;
import com.knowgate.acl.ACLUser;
import com.knowgate.addrbook.Fellow;
import com.knowgate.crm.Contact;
import com.knowgate.crm.Company;
import com.knowgate.crm.Supplier;

public class Resource  {

  private int iPg;
  private String sVl;
  private short iPct;
  private String sFullName;
  private String sEmail;
  private String sPhone;

  public Resource() {
    iPg = 0;
    sVl = "";
    iPct = 100;
  public int getProgressive() {
    return iPg;

  public void setProgressive(int iProgressive) {
    iPg = iProgressive;

  public String getValue() {
    return sVl;
  public String getFullName() {
    return sFullName;

  public String getEmail() {
    return sEmail;

  public String getPhone() {
    return sPhone;

  public void setWorkLoadPercentage(short iPercentage) {
    iPct = iPercentage;

  public short getWorkLoadPercentage() {
    return iPct;

  public boolean load (JDCConnection oConn, String sWorkArea, String sId) throws SQLException {
    ACLUser  oUser = new ACLUser();
    Fellow   oFellw = new Fellow();
    Contact  oCont = new Contact();
    Company  oComp = new Company();
    Supplier oSupl = new Supplier();
    boolean bFound;
  PreparedStatement oStmt = oConn.prepareStatement("SELECT "+DB.pg_lookup+" FROM "+DB.k_duties_lookup+" WHERE "+DB.gu_owner+"=? AND "+DB.id_section+"='nm_resource' AND "+DB.vl_lookup+"=?",
                                                   ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY, ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY);
  oStmt.setString(1, sWorkArea);
  oStmt.setString(2, sId);
  ResultSet oRSet = oStmt.executeQuery();
  bFound =;
  if (bFound) iPg = oRSet.getInt(1);

  if (bFound) {
      sVl = sId;

      if (oFellw.load(oConn, sId)) {
      sFullName = (oFellw.getStringNull(DB.tx_name,"")+" "+oFellw.getStringNull(DB.tx_surname,"")).trim();
      sEmail = oUser.getStringNull(DB.tx_email,"");
      sPhone = oUser.getStringNull(DB.work_phone,"");
      } else if (oUser.load(oConn, sId)) {
      sFullName = (oUser.getStringNull(DB.nm_user,"")+" "+oUser.getStringNull(DB.tx_surname1,"")+" "+oUser.getStringNull(DB.tx_surname2,"")).trim();
      sEmail = oUser.getStringNull(DB.tx_main_email,"");
      sPhone = "";
      } else if (oCont.load(oConn, sId)) {
      sFullName = (oCont.getStringNull(DB.tx_name,"")+" "+oCont.getStringNull(DB.tx_surname,"")).trim();
      sEmail = "";
      sPhone = "";
      } else if (oComp.load(oConn, sId)) {
      sFullName = oComp.getStringNull(DB.nm_commercial,oComp.getString(DB.nm_legal));
      sEmail = "";
      sPhone = "";
      } else if (oSupl.load(oConn, sId)) {
      sFullName = oSupl.getStringNull(DB.nm_commercial,oComp.getString(DB.nm_legal));
      sEmail = oSupl.getAddress().getStringNull(DB.tx_email,"");
      sPhone = oSupl.getAddress().getStringNull(DB.work_phone,"");
      } else {
      oStmt = oConn.prepareStatement("SELECT "+DBBind.Functions.ISNULL+"("+DB.tr_+"es,"+DB.tr_+"en) FROM "+DB.k_duties_lookup+" WHERE "+DB.gu_owner+"=? AND "+DB.id_section+"='nm_resource' AND "+DB.vl_lookup+"=?",
                                     ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY, ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY);
      oStmt.setString(1, sWorkArea);
      oStmt.setString(2, sId);
      oRSet = oStmt.executeQuery();;
      sFullName = oRSet.getString(1);
      sEmail = "";
      sPhone = "";
  } // fi (bFound)
  return bFound; 
  } // load

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