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package edu.cmu.sphinx.api;


import edu.cmu.sphinx.decoder.adaptation.ClusteredDensityFileData;
import edu.cmu.sphinx.decoder.adaptation.Stats;
import edu.cmu.sphinx.decoder.adaptation.Transform;
import edu.cmu.sphinx.linguist.acoustic.tiedstate.Sphinx3Loader;
import edu.cmu.sphinx.recognizer.Recognizer;
import edu.cmu.sphinx.result.Result;

* Base class for high-level speech recognizers.
public class AbstractSpeechRecognizer {

    protected final Context context;
    protected final Recognizer recognizer;
    protected ClusteredDensityFileData clusters;

    protected final SpeechSourceProvider speechSourceProvider;

     * Constructs recognizer object using provided configuration.
    public AbstractSpeechRecognizer(Configuration configuration)
        throws IOException
        this(new Context(configuration));

    protected AbstractSpeechRecognizer(Context context) throws IOException {
        this.context = context;
        recognizer = context.getInstance(Recognizer.class);
        speechSourceProvider = new SpeechSourceProvider();

     * Returns result of the recognition.
    public SpeechResult getResult() {
        Result result = recognizer.recognize();
        return null == result ? null : new SpeechResult(result);
    public Stats createStats(int numClasses) {
        clusters = new ClusteredDensityFileData(context.getLoader(), numClasses);
        return new Stats(context.getLoader(), clusters);

    public void setTransform(Transform transform) {
        if (clusters != null) {
            context.getLoader().update(transform, clusters);

    public void loadTransform(String path, int numClass) throws Exception {
      clusters = new ClusteredDensityFileData(context.getLoader(), numClass);
      Transform transform = new Transform((Sphinx3Loader)context.getLoader(), numClass);
      context.getLoader().update(transform, clusters);

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