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package org.apache.james.imap.processor;

import java.util.Collections;
import java.util.List;

import org.apache.james.imap.api.ImapCommand;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.ImapConstants;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.ImapSessionUtils;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.display.HumanReadableText;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.message.response.StatusResponseFactory;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.process.ImapProcessor;
import org.apache.james.imap.api.process.ImapSession;
import org.apache.james.imap.message.request.GetACLRequest;
import org.apache.james.imap.message.response.ACLResponse;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.MailboxManager;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.MailboxSession;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.MessageManager;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.MessageManager.MetaData;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.MessageManager.MetaData.FetchGroup;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.exception.MailboxException;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.exception.MailboxNotFoundException;
import org.apache.james.mailbox.model.SimpleMailboxACL.Rfc4314Rights;
import org.slf4j.Logger;

* GETACL Processor.
public class GetACLProcessor extends AbstractMailboxProcessor<GetACLRequest> implements CapabilityImplementingProcessor {

    private static final List<String> CAPABILITIES = Collections.singletonList(ImapConstants.SUPPORTS_ACL);

    public GetACLProcessor(ImapProcessor next, MailboxManager mailboxManager, StatusResponseFactory factory) {
        super(GetACLRequest.class, next, mailboxManager, factory);

    protected void doProcess(GetACLRequest message, ImapSession session, String tag, ImapCommand command, Responder responder) {

        final MailboxManager mailboxManager = getMailboxManager();
        final MailboxSession mailboxSession = ImapSessionUtils.getMailboxSession(session);
        final String mailboxName = message.getMailboxName();
        try {

            MessageManager messageManager = mailboxManager.getMailbox(buildFullPath(session, mailboxName), mailboxSession);

             * RFC 4314 section 6.
             * An implementation MUST make sure the ACL commands themselves do
             * not give information about mailboxes with appropriately
             * restricted ACLs. For example, when a user agent executes a GETACL
             * command on a mailbox that the user has no permission to LIST, the
             * server would respond to that request with the same error that
             * would be used if the mailbox did not exist, thus revealing no
             * existence information, much less the mailbox’s ACL.
            if (!messageManager.hasRight(Rfc4314Rights.l_Lookup_RIGHT, mailboxSession)) {
                no(command, tag, responder, HumanReadableText.MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND);
            /* RFC 4314 section 4. */
            else if (!messageManager.hasRight(Rfc4314Rights.a_Administer_RIGHT, mailboxSession)) {
                Object[] params = new Object[] {
                HumanReadableText text = new HumanReadableText(HumanReadableText.UNSUFFICIENT_RIGHTS_KEY, HumanReadableText.UNSUFFICIENT_RIGHTS_DEFAULT_VALUE, params);
                no(command, tag, responder, text);
            else {
                MetaData metaData = messageManager.getMetaData(false, mailboxSession, FetchGroup.NO_COUNT);
                ACLResponse aclResponse = new ACLResponse(mailboxName, metaData.getACL());
                okComplete(command, tag, responder);
                // FIXME should we send unsolicited responses here?
                // unsolicitedResponses(session, responder, false);
        } catch (MailboxNotFoundException e) {
            no(command, tag, responder, HumanReadableText.MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND);
        } catch (MailboxException e) {
            Logger log = session.getLog();
            if (log.isInfoEnabled()) {
       +" failed for mailbox " + mailboxName, e);
            no(command, tag, responder, HumanReadableText.GENERIC_FAILURE_DURING_PROCESSING);


     * (non-Javadoc)
     * @see org.apache.james.imap.processor.CapabilityImplementingProcessor#
     * getImplementedCapabilities(org.apache.james.imap.api.process.ImapSession)
    public List<String> getImplementedCapabilities(ImapSession session) {
        return CAPABILITIES;


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