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  public <T> T fromAmf(final ByteArrayInputStream amf)
      throws ClassNotFoundException, IOException {
    Amf3Input amf3Input = new Amf3Input(context);
    // Read object does the actual work of conversion.
    return (T) amf3Input.readObject();

  public SerializationContext getContext() {
    return context;
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    ASObject deSerializedObj = null;
    Amf3Input amf3Input = new Amf3Input(serializationContext);
    amf3Input.setInputStream(inputStream); // uncompress
    deSerializedObj = (ASObject) amf3Input.readObject();

    return deSerializedObj;
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    AMFMapper mapper = AMFMapperIntrospector.getAMFMapper(realType, genericType);
    SerializationContext context = new SerializationContext();
    Amf3Input input = new Amf3Input(context);
    try {
      return mapper.toJAXB(input.readObject(), new AMFMappingContext());
    catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
      throw new IOException("Invalid request: " + e.getMessage());
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