Package engine.geometry

Examples of engine.geometry.Vector.flip()

        // SAT axes for static shape
        int sSize = s.getSize();
        for (int i=0; i<sSize; i++) {
            s.getNormal(i, normal);
            double distance = Physics.minProjection(s, normal) - Physics.maxProjection(d, normal);
            collisions.add(axisCollision (normal, distance, velocity));
        return Collision.merge(collisions, false); // collision if overlapping all axes
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        final int size2 = relDynamic.getSize();
        for (int i = 0; i < size2; i++) {
            n = relDynamic.getNormal(i);

            double nDistance = relDynamic.getMaxProjection(i) - Physics.minProjection(relStatic, n);
            double nVelocity =;
            double nTime = nDistance / nVelocity;

            if (Rough.equal(nDistance, 0) && Rough.equal(nVelocity, 0)) {
                // Sliding along this face
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