Package com.knowgate.hipermail

Examples of com.knowgate.hipermail.AdHocMailing.load()

      DBSubset oMailings = new DBSubset(DB.k_adhoc_mailings, DB.gu_mailing, DB.gu_workarea+"=?", 1000);
      int iMailings = oMailings.load(oConn, new Object[]{sWrkAreaGUID});
      AdHocMailing oAdhc = new AdHocMailing();
      for (int m=0; m<iMailings; m++) {
        oAdhc.load(oConn, new Object[]{oMailings.getString(DB.gu_mailing,m)});
      } // next
  } // fi

    if (DBBind.exists(oConn, DB.k_mime_msgs, "U")) {
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