Package com.jitlogic.zorka.common.zico

Examples of com.jitlogic.zorka.common.zico.ZicoDataLoader.load()

    private void load(File dir, String file, String hostname) {
        System.out.println("Starting: " + new File(dir, file));
        long t1 = System.nanoTime();
        try {
            ZicoDataLoader loader = new ZicoDataLoader("", 8640, hostname, "");
            loader.load(new File(dir, file).getPath());


            long t = (System.nanoTime()-t1)/1000000;
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    public void testLoadDataFile() throws Exception {
        ZicoDataLoader loader = new ZicoDataLoader("", 8640, System.getProperty("", "test"), "");
        loader.load(System.getProperty("load.file", "/tmp/trace.ztr"));

    private Set<String> VERBOTEN = ZorkaUtil.set(".", "..");

    //@Test @Ignore
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