Package com.heroku.api.request.log

Examples of com.heroku.api.request.log.LogStreamResponse.openStream()

public class LogStreamResponseTest {

    public void testLogStream() throws IOException {
        LogStreamResponse response = new LogStreamResponse(new URL(Heroku.Config.ENDPOINT.value));
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    public LogStreamResponse getApplicationLogStream() {
        return this.herokuApi.getLogs(getHerokuAppName());
    public String getApplicationLogs() {
        final LogStreamResponse response = this.herokuApi.getLogs(getHerokuAppName());
        final InputStream inputStream = response.openStream();
        return readString(inputStream, 10 * 1024);

    private String readString(InputStream inputStream, final int size) {
        BufferedReader reader=null;
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