Package skadistats.clarity.parser

Examples of skadistats.clarity.parser.DemoInputStream

import com.dota2.proto.Demo.CDemoFileInfo;

public class Clarity {

    private static DemoInputStream demoInputStreamForStream(InputStream stream, Profile... profile) throws IOException {
      DemoInputStream d = new DemoInputStream(stream, profile);
      return d;
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    public static DemoIndex indexForFile(String fileName, Profile... profile) throws IOException {
        return new DemoIndex(iteratorForFile(fileName, profile));

    public static CDemoFileInfo infoForStream(InputStream stream) throws IOException {
        DemoInputStream s = null;
        try {
            s = demoInputStreamForStream(stream, Profile.FILE_INFO);
            return (CDemoFileInfo);
        } finally {
            if (s != null) {
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