Package org.radargun.stages.tpcc.domain

Examples of org.radargun.stages.tpcc.domain.NewOrder


   private void populateNewOrder(int id_wharehouse, int id_district, int id_order) {
      //"populate new order");

      NewOrder newNewOrder = new NewOrder(id_order, id_district, id_wharehouse);

      boolean successful = false;
      while (!successful) {
         try {
            successful = true;
         } catch (Throwable e) {
            log.warn("Storing new order failed", e);
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      o_id = d.getD_next_o_id();

      NewOrder no = new NewOrder(o_id, d_id, w_id);;

      d.setD_next_o_id(d.getD_next_o_id() + 1);;
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