Package org.radargun.stages

Examples of org.radargun.stages.ScenarioCleanupStage

   private void runCleanup() throws IOException {
      DistStageAck response = null;
      try {
         Map<String, String> extras = getCurrentExtras(configuration, cluster);
         ScenarioCleanupStage stage = (ScenarioCleanupStage) scenario.getStage(scenario.getStageCount() - 1, state, extras, null);
         stage.initOnSlave(state);"Starting stage " + (log.isDebugEnabled() ? stage.toString() : stage.getName()));
         response = stage.executeOnSlave();
      } catch (Exception e) {
         log.error("Stage execution has failed", e);
         response = new DistStageAck(state).error("Stage execution has failed", e);
      } finally {
         if (response == null) {
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