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        "position: absolute; width:100%; height:100%; left:0px; top:0px;");   
    Node n = document.appendChild(xhtmlDiv);
      // Convert the object itself to SVG
    Svg svg = oFactory.createSvg();
      Line line = oFactory.createLine();
      line.setX1(b.getOffset().getXAsString() );
      line.setY1(b.getOffset().getYAsString() );
      Point otherEnd = b.getOtherCorner();
      line.setX2( otherEnd.getXAsString() );
      line.setY2( otherEnd.getYAsString() );

      // You can't see the line in Midori, unless you specify the color.
      // width eg stroke-width:2 is optional
      Document d2 = XmlUtils.marshaltoW3CDomDocument(svg, jcSVG);  
      XmlUtils.treeCopy(d2, n);
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