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                                 + "in requested language, trying German ('de' and 'german').");
                } else {
          "Template::StartWithLanguage: Couldn't load file "
                                 + "in requested language, trying German ('de' and 'german').");
                if(startWithLanguage(new Language("de"))) {
                    return true;
                } else if(startWithLanguage(new Language("german"))) {
                    return true;
                } else {
                    if (mLog == null) {
              "Template::StartWithLanguage: "
                                     + "Couldn't load file in requested German.");
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        // Create template
        mTemplate = new PortalTemplate(mServletProps.TemplateDir, "Person_New"+tAuthType,
                                       mServletProps.DefaultStylesheet, null);
        mTemplate.startWithLanguage(new Language(tLanguage));

        // Add errors.
        if(! aErrors.isEmpty()) {
            Enumeration enu = aErrors.elements();
            while(enu.hasMoreElements()) {
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        // Sometimes we get the parameter names in upper case, therefore
        // convert the names to lower case

        // IN-Parameters from tReq
        Language tLanguage       = new Language("members_language"); // @@@ Quick hack.

        String  tNick            = tReq.getParam("members_nick");
        String  tPassword        = tReq.getParam("members_password");
        String  tPassword_2      = tReq.getParam("members_password_2");
        String  tReminder        = tReq.getParam("members_reminder");

        String  tLastname        = tReq.getParam("members_last_name");
        String  tFirstname       = tReq.getParam("members_first_name");
        String  tEMail           = tReq.getParam("members_email");
        String  tPhone           = tReq.getParam("members_phone");

        String  tUnit            = tReq.getParam("members_unit");
        String  tLocation        = tReq.getParam("members_location");

        // Step two: check words for existance and correctness

        // `g == true� for German, `g == false� for English.
        boolean g = tLanguage.isGerman();

        if(g) {
            NOVALIDNAME   = " ist kein g�ltiger Name.";
            OBLIGATORY    = " ist obligatorisch.";
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        throws  IOException
        KfmTemplate templ = new KfmTemplate(mServletProps.TemplateDir,
            mServletProps.DefaultStylesheet, (Page) null /* no footer required */);
        templ.startWithLanguage(new Language(aLanguage));

        templ.replaceAllKfmIf("AccountAlreadyExists", aAccountAlreadyExists);
        templ.replaceAllKfm("adminEmail", mServletProps.HotlineEmail);
        templ.replaceAllKfm("account", aNick);
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